# 11 – Grimerica Talks to Robbie Graham

# 10 – Grimerica Talks to Ahmed Abou Taleb
July 12, 2013
# 12 – Grimerica Talks to Dennis Mckenna
July 18, 2013

Darren and Graham chat with Robbie Graham of sliverscreensaucers. They cover topics such as; the latest blockbuster UFO type movies, the indirect and sometimes very direct involvement of the DOD and the CIA in Hollywood. The trends and cultural impact of UFO and disclosure type movies over the last 6 decades.
Robbie’s talks about his upcoming book, his windy road towards a Ph.d and how he combines his love for UFO’s and movies thus filling a research gap within UFOlogy. The guys chat about some of the directors and writers who seem to be working directly with government compartments on these blockbuster movies.

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  1. I think you boys have an exclusive with this one: First time Robbie drops the ‘F’ bomb on an interview! 😛

  2. Trust you to notice that, RPJ! :p

  3. I forgot to add in the context of ‘Enemy of the State’ that the other option to consider is that the movie was conceived as a psychological warfare tool for intimidating foreign enemies: “Look what we’ve got! Don’t mess with us!” Sounds like an odd strategy, but testimony exists strongly supporting this idea. This testimony came from Michael Frost Beckner — creator of the CIA-backed TV show ‘The Agency’. Beckner’s CIA advisor on that show — Chase Brandon — suggested storylines and plot elements (including technological innovations) specifically intended to ‘scare’ enemies of the US. Many of these suggestions ended up in the show.

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