# 12 – Grimerica Talks to Dennis Mckenna

Dennis McKenna, author of “The Brotherhood of the Screaming Abyss” my life with Terrance Mckenna chats with Darren and Graham about his new book and his knowledge and experience with psychedelics. It’s a fascinating journey through our culture in the last 4-5 decades of expanding consciousness.








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3 comments on # 12 – Grimerica Talks to Dennis Mckenna

  1. Darren, in the interview you mentioned how drinking Ayahuasca would not make you quit smoking grass, yet I don’t know if you’re familiar with Graham Hancock’s account on how Mother Ayahuasca forced him to quit ‘the green bitch’ –a.k.a. cannabis– which in his case it was becoming a deleterious influence in his life.

  2. D-ron says:

    I have, I actually questioned Dennis about this off record and he assured me that it would only affect my relationship with cannabis if it was a problematic relationship, as countless ayhuasca and dmt experiences never slowed down either of there relationships with cannabis, as, like myself, Dennis still smokes to this day. However, if I did experience something that altered this relationship I suppose it’s something I’d be ready to explore. Although I don’t view my pot use as a problem, I could be wrong. I have the luxury of not having to pay for my grass 90% of the time and smoke regularly as a form of meditation/relaxation that I don’t deem abusive, but perhaps mother ayhuasca would disagree 😉

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