# 14 – Grimerica Talks to Michael Cremo (intro featuring RPJ)

# 13 – Grimerica Talks to Nick Redfern
July 29, 2013
# 15 – Grimerica Talks to Grant Cameron
August 6, 2013

Special episode!! with Red Pill Junkie in the first half and Michael Cremo of famed “Forbidden Archaeology” in the second half. Despite some technical gremlins the guys have a great chat about the latest in Forteana with RPJ. Michael Cremo and the lads chat about everything from Michael’s new book “My Science, My Religion”, the Vedas, Spirituality and Science, and of course Ancient Archeology that happens to be glossed over by mainstream science and academia.

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Recent Books:
Cremo, M. A., and Thompson, R. L. (1993) Forbidden Archeology.
Cremo, M. A., and Thompson, R. L. (1994) The Hidden History of the Human Race.
Cremo, M. A., and Goswami, M. (1995) Divine Nature: A Spiritual Perspective on the Environmental Crisis.
Cremo, M.A. (1998) Forbidden Archeology’s Impact.
Cremo, M.A. and Thompson, R.L. (1999) The Hidden History of the Human Race.
Cremo, M.A. (2003) Human Devolution: A Vedic Alternative to Darwin’s Theory
Cremo, M.A. (2010) The Forbidden Archeologist: The Atlantis Rising Columns of Michael A. Cremo,
Cremo, M.A. (2012) My Science, My Religion: Academic Papers (1994-2009),
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  1. Very interesting conversation with Mr. Cremo. What I personally take from it is the complexity of how unorthodox information gets to be shared with the public, because it triggers a lot of difficult arguments.

    Many skeptics view themselves as some sort of defenders of the status quo, reacting with a vengeance against anyone daring to contradict established ideologies, and if you’re reading this then chances are you have a beef with that attitude –as have I 😉

    BUT, on the other hand, once you concede that controversial ideas should have the right to be discussed in the public spotlight, that means opening the door to all sorts of questionable material: holocaust denial, climate change denial, creationism etc etc.

    Even the way I phrased that paragraph shows my own personal bias. WHO gets to decide what’s ‘questionable’ and what isn’t?

    The matter would perhaps be resolved if the public was able to assess the quality of the alleged evidence presented by the proponents, something that’s not so easy –perfectly illustrated by the latest episode of Joe Rogan Questions Everything (dealing with chemtrails & weaponization of the weather) when Joe honestly admits to the camera “I’m too stupid to know which one of you is wrong.”

    I suppose that in the end I’ll end up siding with openness instead of censorship. But I know it comes with a price.

  2. D-ron says:

    How have you been enjoying the Joe Rogan Questions Everything episodes? I find they leave something to be desired. Almost making to much of a joke out of some things, although I’m not a huge proponent of Chemtrails, I believe their B.S, but even on the other eps I found him to be making more of a joke about most things and making faces and such instead of really trying to learn

    • Yeah, I’ve certainly noticed that. He would bring people that make more sense –like the folks reporting the sky booms– & finish up with the really cooky types.

      I didn’t finish watching ep. 3 (Robosapiens) but I thought Joe was being partial. Why not make fun of the people who think we’re gonna live forever, and that we can download our consciousness to a robot? –why not an iPhone, or a vibrator while we’re at it? 😛

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