# 15 – Grimerica Talks to Grant Cameron

# 14 – Grimerica Talks to Michael Cremo (intro featuring RPJ)
August 2, 2013
# 16 – Grimerica Talks to Matt Staggs
August 14, 2013

Grant Cameron of presidentialufo.com joins Darren and Graham to discuss the new path he is on combining aspects of his decade’s long UFO research and new revelations of the consciousness connection. They chat about government documents, MJ 12, past lives, quantum physics, contactees, and synchronicities among many other fascinating topics. Along with his new lectures Grant is working on a new book titled “Alien Bedtime Stories”.


John Alexander story









Rat brain flies F22 simulator









Zimmer – Lunaire | April Tape


  1. Wow! Where to begin?

    For starters, though the show has already been graced with many wonderful guests, I feel this is now my favorite Grimerica episode so far.

    When Grant was talking about that rushing feeling he gets when he found some new piece of information that made sense to him, I know exactly what he was talking about, because I felt the same way while he was pouring so much info my mind, ending up blowing it. That feeling that all this crazy stuff finally started to become clearer, and that you can almost touch the answer… but not quite. Like when you wake up & you can almost remember your last dream, only left with the feeling it had been rather pleasant.

    And he’s absolutely right: it’s really no wonder how in retrospect *HE* was the one meant to follow this journey, starting with his early interest in NDEs, followed by the UFO sighting that changed his life forever, which triggered his investigation on Wilbert Smith, the US presidents, then the fractured hall of mirrors of the Intelligence world, and then to return full circle to what seems to be the key that will open this Pandora’s box once and for all –Consciousness– so that people like *me* could start to pay attention to stuff we might have dismissed out of hand. While it was Mike Clelland who 1st introduced me to Bashar, I confess I didn’t pay much attention –at the time I thought he was another Ramtha wanna-be– but if Grant thinks his info is worthy of attention then I’m willing to take his word for it.

    After considering the possible links between the crashed UFOs, ESP & MK-Ultra one wonders: did they make all psychotropic substances illegal in order to grant them exclusive access to these chemical pathways?

    If everything is information, then Consciousness is information that is aware of itself –hence, capable of ‘upgrading.’ That sounds so crazy, BUT IT FEELS TRUE.

    Of course, there are many pieces that need to fit in the puzzle: the emphasis in painful medical procedures reported by abductees –*If* abductions are valid accounts of encounters with non-humans. Also, cattle mutilations & the possibility that not all the aliens have our best interests at heart.

    Perhaps the reason that the Consciousness path has been neglected for so long, it’s because it’s such a mine field –how to tell the wheat from the chaff, and the benign guides from the Tricksters?

    Are we now ready to follow that path?

    • Graham says:

      RPJ! Great comments and feedback. I am glad you liked it.
      I liked his answer to your question towards the end and his awesome rant about ufology!!
      He really seems to be living his truth and I respect how he has embraced this and isn’t worrying about the “credibility” issue.

      I get that…. sometimes I get to that point where I don’t care of having to “prove” something to someone who probably wouldn’t accept it anyway.

  2. D-ron says:

    What a mind blowing conversation eh?, We found we had no choice but to wrong it as long as we did as the conversation was flowing so nicely, along with the fact that you couldn’t really turn away. Hopefully this is the start of a trend as researchers, authors etc. start to trust the name Grimerica and feel comfortable in our free flowing style I myself wonder if this awakening, for lack of a better term in consciousness is somehow connected to the growing use/acceptance of these psychotropic substances, coupled with the ever increasing acceptance and practice of other related rituals such as meditation, yoga, etc. Thanks for listening Red.

  3. yonnik says:

    Love GC so this is going to be great fun listening to, I’m just in the first several minutes.
    BTW, what is that great music track just befor e the interview starts, please?

  4. D-ron says:

    THanks For listening

    The Grimerica Theme songis by our friends band Lock and Key, and the other audio in the episode is available under the music link in the shownotes, its about a 55 minute long mix that I`ve just taken bits out of for interludes

  5. Barry says:

    What a great interview with Grant Cameron. The few times I’ve heard him he just blows my mind with his commonsence knowledge of the UFO subject. And he’s so right about skeptics regarding this issue. They bring their pre-conceived narrow-minded ideas to the subject and really don’t take the time to study it. They just know these things can’t be so. People are truly fucked up about accepting or not accepting things they don’t understand. I recently told a few people they now suspect ( actually for quite some time now) the moon is a space ship or it’s hollow or there are structures on it. They look at you like you just grew a second head, or mumble some asinine comment. Thank you guys for one of the best, if not the best podcasts out there. You keep it real, casual, you have great guests, and don’t ever get too stuffy and not drop the f bombs. Get Patty Conklin on your show, she will effin blow your minds. Some other great guests would be Ardy Sixkiller Clarke on Encounters with the Star People (great stories about native American ufo stories). And Richard Bullivant on Parallel Universes. His stories will send shivers down your spine.

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