# 19 – Grimerica Talks to Frank Joseph

# 18 – Grimerica Talks to Richard Syrett
August 29, 2013
# 20 – Grimerica Talks to Antonio Paris
September 14, 2013

Frank Joseph, author of “Before Atlantis” and many other books joins the Grimerican’s on this episode. Warning….. If you are an archeologist, you won’t want to listen to this. If you are learning to be an archeologist you really want to listen to this.

Darren and Graham chat with Frank about human evolution with a bit of a twist. Loads of evidence often overlooked about global megalithic seafaring cultures and what they have left in their wake. And then more stuff goes way way back thus the title of his latest book.  Maybe Revolving in and out the oceans over time has uniquely made us who we are as humans.



Frank’s current books on Amazon


His new book coming in October 2013 “Lost Colonies of Ancient America”


Some recommended reading from Frank


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Chinese guy

Rappin Dude

Hippie Chick


Grimerica Theme – Lock&Key

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  1. Sorry Graham, but Rappin’ Dude earned my vote 😛

    Very enjoyable conversation, guys.I feel it could’ve easily gone on for another hour, and there would have still be left a lot to cover. There are many things Jospeh said that resonated with me –others not so much, like the idea of Hawaiians subcutaneous fat being an indicative of their evolution into a more aquatic species.

    BTW Darren, the thing you thought of when Joseph discussed the cocaine trade between Egypt & the Americas is this:


  2. D-ron says:

    Hey thanks Red, and yes unfortunately my vote would have to go to the rappin dude too, luckily for Graham, we’re not deciding

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