# 20 – Grimerica Talks to Antonio Paris

# 19 – Grimerica Talks to Frank Joseph
September 6, 2013
# 21 – Passport to Grimerica
September 15, 2013

Antonio Paris of Aerial-Phenomenon.org joins Darren and Graham to talk about his nuts and bolts type UFO organization and the excellent research they are doing. Antonio and his team are doing some hardcore research into this convoluted and allusive phenomenon and are not getting bogged down by old cases, government conspiracies and anecdotal evidence of extraterrestrial visitation.

Link to Antonio’s Aerial Phenomenon Research Organization


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  1. Antonio Paris: The Five Guys of American UFOlogy 😛

    It’s interesting to see an organization like AP trying to pick up the mantle of APRO or CUFOS with their emphasis on the scientific investigation of current sightings, something I’m sure our mutual friend Micah Hanks would welcome

    And yet I can’t help remembering the advice Jacques Vallee was given by ‘Major Murphy’ in Messengers of Deception: to really dig deeper into the reality of the UFO phenomenon you need to look into the fringier cases, the ones that don’t add up –something the late Karla Turner also encouraged.

    Finally I had to chuckle at the idea of reaching an age of maximum capacity for invention by the end of this century. That’s almost as ludicrous as the pretension made on the XIXth century to close down the US patent office, because ‘there was nothing left to invent.’ “You’ve got telegraphs & morphine, people! what more do you want?!” 😉

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