# 21 – Passport to Grimerica

# 20 – Grimerica Talks to Antonio Paris
September 14, 2013
# 22 – Grimerica Talks to Kevin Booth
September 27, 2013

Passport to Grimerica with past guests and fans. Jared, David, Jagger, Efrain Palermo and Red Pill Junkie get a passport to Grimerica on this episode. The fellas chat about everything from their own personal experiences, New Zealand politics, Mars, Synchronicities, the Oz affect, and of course Efrain crazy theories… including one on ice crystals in your very own kitchen freezer!!

Red Pills of the week


Efrain’s website, including his upcoming book…



No agenda podcast



Jagger’s band “High School Sweethart”


Bruce Lipton




Russell Brand Nazi Rant


Grimerica Theme Song – Lock&Key

Fairies and Shit – Joseph Delano

Pegboard Nerds – Rocktronik

Quill – Joopiter

To A friend – AlexisonFire(AdventureClub Remix)


  1. Not only do I think this is a nice idea for the fans, this is also –as far as I know– completely original!

    I also dig Jagger’s music. The Grimerica theme song rawks! 😉

  2. Darren says:

    Thanks RpJ! I think were going to do one every 3 months

  3. nines says:

    RPJ, I didn’t get ice spikes until I bought a new refrigerator six or seven years ago. Then immediately I was getting ice spikes every single time. At least five spiked cubes per tray. I use distilled water for ice, but I too tried it with tap water and it was the same. Plus, it happens really fast, before the cubes are fully frozen. Then, as you say, they begin to diminish over time.

    I am pretty sure you will find this is an artifact of newer model refrigerator freezers’ automatic defrosting mechanism… and I do not in any way mean to sound insulting, here, because I think you are a very cool guy, but please try on the notion that quantum physics is bunk, meant now mostly to keep our heads full of brain-melting math and concepts while the real physics gets used behind our backs, except for when it’s right in front of us and we don’t realize what we’re seeing.

    I’m suggesting this because I wasted a couple decades on it, until I began to see the parallels between it and charlatan Zen masters trying to cap the ancients in dharma talks. A lightbulb flipped on in my head and I began looking for better information. I just decided to do my own little thought experiment, to pretend quantum physics was actually only a partially viable way to express how particles function, a statistical model we use because we don’t understand actuality. Immediately, better information started appearing under my eyeprints.

    Sort of like ice spikes not appearing until you think about them… only… well… I don’t know. xoxoxox

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