# 41 – Grimerica Talks 911 and False Flags with Kevin Barrett

Dr. Kevin Barrett of Truth Jihad Radio and the 911 Truth movement is in Grimerica this episode.  They chat about the history of false flags and the shift of consciousness around the 911 topic among many other conspiratorial topics.




Twilight of the psychopaths by Kevin Barret



WTC7, The smoking gun


A special Intro wtih Jared, Grimerican’s Kiwi Ambassador. The fellas chat about Bilderbergers, Sun flares, 3D printing, 911 and Graham introduces a new weekly segment.


This Weeks Episode Featuring music from Ruined Marchines

Earth’s Best Kept Secret

Your Morphing Mindset

The Hawk The Observer 

Dubway Beatpress – X Files Dub

Grimerica Theme – Lock & Key

2 comments on # 41 – Grimerica Talks 911 and False Flags with Kevin Barrett

  1. Rob in San Francisco says:

    Fantastic show with Kevin Barrett. You are now on my Podcast list! How can we help fund your operation?


    1. D-ron says:

      Thanks for the Kind words Rob! Hopefully you continue to enjoy the shows, this Friday we’re releasing our ‘global cooling’ episode with Dr. Don Easterbrook. As far as support goes check out


      Music is always appreciated as well. Thanks for listening and have a great day!


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