# 45 – Grimerica Talks Climate Change and Global Cooling with Dr. Don Easterbrook

# 44 – Grimerica Talks to Former Economic Hitman John Perkins
March 22, 2014
# 46 – Grimerica Talks UFO’s and CSETI with Terry Tibando
April 3, 2014

Dr. Don Easterbrook is here in Grimerica to tell us the other side of the climate change story. Seems to be; that we are smack dab in the middle of a global cooling phase. WTF?!  Don has looked back over 100’s, even 1000’s of years and the records apparently show this is just another normal natural phase of our climate. Is this global warming just a myth and really about doctored data and the hidden agenda of the CO2 pushers?

Red Pill Junkie is back with the guys in this intro. They have to chat about the missing plane and Oculus Rift goggles on the Facebook. The new Gralien X, the Paradigm Symposium 2014 line up, and the pervasive UFO / contact experience from the musicians in our pop culture were discussed.

Dr. Don Easterbrook




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Alien Rock: The Rock ‘n’ Roll Extraterrestrial Connection


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  1. Ok, so I listened to what Dr. Easterbrook had to say. I agree with you that he’s definitely not a kook, and when he stated that he’s pursuing his studies by way of self-financing, that would impede any detractor from accusing him of being paid by Big Oil or something like that.

    Yes, the IPCC is backing the idea that global warming promotes extreme weather, including colder winters. This may seem counter-intuitive, but one thing I’ve learned as a science layman is that many ideas in modern science often run against the grain of what we’d deem sensible. One thing that it was never mentioned in the discussion, is the effect of GW in sea currents, particularly the shutting down of the North Atlantic ocean current caused by en excess of sweet water from the melting of the ice caps –or at least, that’s the argument used by the IPCC & the GW promoters.

    Nor was it mentioned all the current news informing of how the ice caps in the poles keep retreating. Perhaps this is not caused by an actual warming but by another unknown ‘redistributional’ effect? Let’s have a member of the Inuit invited to the Grimerica igloo to know how things have changed for them in the past decades!

    I’d also like to know if the ‘minuscule’ increase of CO2 in the environment might actually cause some sort of ‘chain reaction’, i.e. the CO2 starts melting the ice caps, which in return release more water vapor into the atmosphere, which accelerates the warming, and the methane trapped in the tundra permafrost is subsequently released further accelerating the process, etc etc.

    The idea that Americans don’t believe in global warming doesn’t tell me anything. A significant percentage of them believe the Earth is just 6000 years old! I believe someone like Dr. Easterbrook would appreciate how Science is not a popularity contest, since he happens to be in the minority with regards of contradicting a theory supported by the majority of climatologists.

    Yes, there’s been huge climate swings in the Earth past. I think that what GW proponents contend, is the *speed* in which the (alleged) current warming trend is manifesting. And I don’t think our current civilization would benefit much from a warmer period as it was in the past, since our planet happens to be a wee more crowded nowadays, and hence migrating to greener pastures is a lot harder.

    Carbon taxes is a stupid idea, but I hardly see a major initiative to implement them. And when the rhetoric changes to fearmongering about a new world order ruled by a non-elected UN parliament, you risk polarizing your argument into the conspiracy camp.

    The idea that sunspot activity can have an influence in the weather is very interesting, and I agree that further studies should be conducted.

    Dr. Easterbrook says that in 10 years he could be proven right or wrong on whether the world is warming or cooling, but the usual mantra of environmentalists groups is that we can’t risk losing more time. It’s difficult to ascertain who is right, since it seems that even among GW proponents the current mindset is that by now there’s nothing we can do to STOP the warming; at best what we could hope to do is ameliorate it, OR seek strategies to cope with the current changes, which I think is what Dr. Easterbrook is also saying.

    Bottomline, what we need to find out is what’s coming ahead in order to prepare for it as best we can, with the knowledge that our lives are going to suffer a tremendous shift no matter what.

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