# 46 – Grimerica Talks UFO’s and CSETI with Terry Tibando

# 45 – Grimerica Talks Climate Change and Global Cooling with Dr. Don Easterbrook
March 29, 2014
# 47 – Grimerica Talks Psychedelics, Spirituality, and Mind Apps with Dr. Tom Roberts
April 11, 2014

CSETI Coordinator of Vancouver for 20 years, he’s not just sitting around on the couch, he’s been out there practicing protocols to make contact, with whoever is piloting this aerial phenomenon.  Now he’s just about finished a textbook of sorts on UFO’s, contact, abductions, and an extension of the CE concepts. Terry’s journey started with a podcast of sort’s way before podcast was even a word or thought and decades later he will tell his story on this podcast for many around this planet to hear.

Red Pill Junkie joins the fellas for the intro. Red talks about NOAH and crazy cats, come up again. Darren has crazy news about the missing plane which leads to a more vulgar than usual discussion in Grimerica. UFO quote of the week continues and this week it’s a gooder.









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  2. Well, I’ve listened to the interview, and I can’t help noticing the way Terry regards Steven Greer as a “magnet” for UFO activity. If that doesn’t sound like the seed of a cult-like following, I don’t know what does.

    Yeah, I might agree that traveling a thousand light years just to “shove a probe up an abductee’s ass” doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense –and where does the certainty that we ARE dealing with extraterrestrials come from??– but I could reverse the argument and ask why would advanced aliens drop everything they are doing, just to fly around a group of individuals trying to send them ‘coherent thought messages’.

    Yeah, you can learn pretty much all there is to know about human beings by studying cadavers; you can also get all the bovine DNA you want by raiding a butcher shop. In the matter of cattle mutilation, I side with Chris O’Brien in thinking the LOCATION of these cows is more important than the mere collecting of samples.

    I also think that considering ALL ‘negative’ abductions* as the result of MILABS is pretty unsubstantiated. If the secret cabal are so advanced they can clone gray-like beings using bovine & human DNA, surely they wouldn’t need to hide from the rest of the world, would they? They could come out & erect themselves as kings of the world, and we would have *nothing* to contest their power.

    One last thing: Sixto Paz is not a Brazilian contactee; he’s from Peru & with his brother he started the ‘Mision Rama’ group, who used to go to the Chilca desert in order to contact beings who claimed to come from Ganymede, one of the moons of Jupiter –I guess the Space Brothers had to pitch their tent farther & farther away once we learned more about our own solar system. Still, Paz is an interesting fellow, and I even heard him give a lecture at my university; I guess he’s indirectly responsible for my interest in UFOs, because one of the journalists who went to report on his desert reunions back in the 70’s was J.J. Benítez, who later went on to become a prominent UFO investigator & had a huge influence on me.

    (*): Labeling experiences as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ only by using human standards may be a very limited way to view reality. Receiving chemotherapy might seem superficially as an extremely negative experience –your hair falls off, you lose appetite & vomit constantly– but the ulterior motive is to cure the patient from cancer.

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