# 54 – Grimerica Talks VR With Denny Unger of Cloudhead Games

# 53 – Grimerica Talks to Simon Chokoisky
May 24, 2014
# 55 – Grimerica Talks to Len Kasten; Secret Journey to Planet Serpo
June 7, 2014

Denny Unger, President and Creative Director at Cloudhead Games is in Grimerica tonight to talk all things Virtual Reality and more!! Denny is the developer of The Gallery: Six Elements, the first commercially announced game title designed from the ground up for virtual reality. How close are we to a full immersion of VR into our daily lives?? Closer than you might think! This is fascinating stuff and it looks like VR is finally recovering from the mid 90’s stumble.









In the intro it’s just Darren and Graham, more synchronicities and an Ayahuasca experience from Graham’s buddy Rye.

Rye’s website


Grimerica 50/50 Moneybomb



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  1. Sorry for not commenting sooner. Just wanted to point out that I EFFING loved this episode. I was really impressed with Denny & his broad-scope vision on the deep repercussions VR tech might bring to our society –both the good & the bad. The fact that he even mentioned VR as a possible solution for the Fermi paradox goes to show this guy is really smart & his mind is not just focused on developing cool games.

    Also, the mention of Dennis McKenna made me think that maybe Denny & Dennis should get together. I think McKenna would make for the perfect consultant for anyone interested in creating a truly mind-bending experience using the Oculus Rift –and perhaps Grimerica could help as a bridge to make that partnership a reality 🙂

  2. TripleA says:

    I’ve been meaning to comment for a while but after listening to this episode I really wanted to point out the fact that Duncan Trussell is working on a VR podcast using second life. The options are opening up for virtual spaces for putting out information and the Oculus Rift and other related technologies are no exception. Just for reference Duncan is a friend if Joe Rogan and his podcast is the Duncan Trussell Family Hour. Hope you can check it out and find what they are working on. Look forward to seeing you guys on the future platforms.

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