# 55 – Grimerica Talks to Len Kasten; Secret Journey to Planet Serpo

# 54 – Grimerica Talks VR With Denny Unger of Cloudhead Games
June 1, 2014
# 56 – Grimerica Talks to Diane Brisebois, Spiritual Guide of the Raelian Movement
June 14, 2014

Len Kasten, Author of Secret Journey to Planet Serpo – A True Story of Interplanetary travel joins Darren and Graham in this episode of The Grimerica Show. Len has been researching this UFO subject for decades and claims through various sources that we have indeed sent military personnel to a distant planet in exchange for technology. This is a fascinating chat and we cover all sorts of ground here and one can’t help but go hmmmmmm…





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  1. selsper says:

    dmt by meditating = yeah, but, weird.

    Need intention, deep meditation, and shit

    not really a word thing

    http://healthcarefinancials.files.wordpress.com/2008/12/caduceus.jpg best explanation i can give

  2. As a hardcore X-Files fan, it’s hard not to observe the deep similarities between Duane Brownfield’s story, and the episode Duane Barry, from the 2nd season –not only it’s the same first name, and the initial on the last name match, but also in said episode the dentist drill noise features very prominently:


    If a were a hard-nosed skeptic, I’d dismiss Duane’s story as a fabrication on account of this. But since I’m not, we’re left with an interesting conundrum. Perhaps he was influenced by this 1994 TV show after seeing it once or more times, and during a hypnagogic somehow his mind recreated the X-Files scenario.

    But I also remember how this interesting ‘coincidences’, as pointed out by Jeff Kripal in his book Mutants & Mystics, forces us to acknowledge the cross-pollinating relationship between pop culture & Fortean phenomena; simply dealing these accounts as a ‘chicken & egg’ problem is too simplistic & unproductive.

  3. JAKE says:

    if the ufos are giving us technology what are we trading to them or are abductions a part of the deal we get technology they can abduct people

    • That’s one of the stories that are part of the UFO mythos: How it was president Eisenhower the one who let the aliens abduct a small amount of people in exchange for the tech, but later on when the Americans found out the true numbers of abductions conducted by the aliens, and the heinous hybridization experiments done with the abductees, that’s when –again, according to the story– they tried to ‘cancel the deal.’

      I keep a loooot of things in my mental gray basket. Serpo is at the ‘really really REALLY dark gray’ corner of it 😉

      And I also would like to comment on something Graham said about the MJ-12 papers and how that kind of reverse-engineering program ‘makes sense.’ Perhaps that’s the reason why *I* don’t buy it –because it makes TOO MUCH SENSE; whereas my study of UFOs has shown me the phenomena *always* challenges our logic and even our very concept of Reality.

  4. so i was listening along while doing housework, it went something like this:
    Graham: “So i’d never heard of ‘Mike Hawk’ before…”
    me: “looks like a whole new world is about to open up for our Graham!”

    Then i started worrying you guys were going to pee all over your new sound equipment from laughing so hard. Have fun you two, steph

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