# 56 – Grimerica Talks to Diane Brisebois, Spiritual Guide of the Raelian Movement

# 55 – Grimerica Talks to Len Kasten; Secret Journey to Planet Serpo
June 7, 2014
# 57 – BONUS – Passport to Grimerica 2: Questionable Audio
June 19, 2014

Diane Brisebois, Spiritual Guide of the Raelian Movement is in Grimerica on this episode. This 80,000 member movement is trying to finalize a location for the Raelien Embassy and it may end up being in Canada. They chat about the history, symbolism, sensual meditation, cloning, and genius at the service of the people. Gather people and build embassy….. will “they” come?



Recent interview with Diane on CTV


Red Pill Junkie chimes in from Mexico for the intro. Darren has his own synchronicity rated and the guys talk about doing a show on underwater mysterious. Awesome listener feedback from around the world.




Grimerica 50/50 Moneybomb



Grimerica Theme – Lock & Key

X Files Dub – Dubway Beatfresh

Brothers of the World – Charly Urso

Enjoy the Silence – Depeche Mode (Growing Machines Remix)

Comptine D’un Autre Été – Moveme

Fall Awake – Ben of The Universe


  1. So here’s what I don get (well, ONE of the things I don’t get, anyway): Why are the Elohim so insisting on having an embassy in ANY nation, be that Israel, Canada or whatever? Couldn’t they just put a big-ass mothership in orbit around our planet or the Moon, and just shuttle in & out of the surface as they please?

    And what’s with ‘extra-territoriality’ issue as a way to ‘protect’ the Elohim? Aren’t we talking about super-advanced beings here? What threat could we possibly pose to a race that is hundreds of thousands of years more advanced?

    Because even if we Earthly monkeys were capable of hurting, or even killing one of them, so what? Aren’t they capable of completely re-creating a human body out of a single cell, and download the memories of that individual back into its new brain? You’d think getting killed on Earth would be only as annoying as re-spawning in Gears of War 😉

    • Graham says:


      What I took away from that was it wouldn’t be for technical or logistical reasons. It’s more of a spiritual reason. Having that land and an embassy would show that at least there is some peaceful intention from some of our society and that we are willing to consciously evolve.


      • I see, then it’s some sort of test.

        Although it could also be the typical tricksterish nature of these Trollien entities –requesting an embassy in Israel that would use the swastika as a symbol? It would be easier to imagine the Israelis packing their bags & moving out of the Middle East 😉

        • Jesus Rojas says:

          Most people and specially jewish don’t know, but the Swastika is also a jewish symbol. Please visit: http://proswastika.org/

          • Indeed, the Swastika is one of the oldest symbols in the world –my personal theory is that it might be the abstract representation of a four-tailed comet that was seen in Antiquity– but let’s be honest here: Because of the atrocities committed by the Nazi party, the symbol is now embedded with a very negative patina; try as you might to explain it to the uninformed, it already triggers a visceral reaction in a lot of folks.

            Perhaps one day the Swastika will be freed of the bad rep brought by Adolf & his minions, but that day is still far away in the future.

  2. Fortean Mind says:

    Well when you put it like that… re-spawning in 5…4…3…2…

  3. Pat O says:

    Great show guys. The Raelians didn’t come across nearly as crazy as I thought they would. Huge PR win for their organization and great journalism on your part.

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