# 59 – Grimerica Talks Rendlesham Forest with Nick Pope and John Burroughs

Interview Starts Approx 37:30

John Burroughs and Nick Pope, authors of Encounters in Rendlesham are in Grimerica for this eagerly anticipated episode. John and Jim Penniston finally get a chance to tell this incredible story themselves with the help of Nick Pope. Jim and John were witness to this strange encounter in 1980. Nick, is a former UK – Ministry of Defence employee who ran the “UFO desk” in the early 90’s. You might have heard this called Bentwaters, Woodbridge, or Rendlesham…. it’s the same case. Encounters In Rendlesham, The Inside Story of the World’s Best-Documented UFO incident, is the book, check it out you will not be disappointed.






Jestin (aka – Fortean mind) – not Fourteen mind !! joins Darren and Graham in the intro. Jestin has some questions for the guys regarding enlightenment vs singularity and UFO beliefs. The Canadian third party synchronicity rating system is still in effect. What do you call a group of Sasquatch?!?!  Check out some of Fortean Mind’s great blogs on Grimerica. Contribute to the show via the Grimerica Moneybomb 50/50 draw. Value for Value!! Appropriate UFO Quote of the week this week.


Link to Fortean Mind’s blogs




Grimerica Theme – Lock & Key

X Files Dub – Dubway BeatFresh

You & Me – Tinush

Desire – Marsbeing

Dearly Beloved – Kingdom Hearts

Close Encounter – Pegboard Nerds

4 comments on # 59 – Grimerica Talks Rendlesham Forest with Nick Pope and John Burroughs

  1. I really liked this one. Both John & Nick offered a great deal of insight about the phenomenon in general, and this amazing case in particular.

    And I was particularly pleased with Nick’s final remark of how one person’s ghost might be another person’s alien, and yet another person’s angel. I think he’s right on the money that these are just labels we assign on the phenomenon just so we can try to wrap our head around it, yet the final truth might not only surprise us –it could very well be beyond our understanding.

  2. syncrofag says:

    “Synchronicity of the highest order”

    said at 11:11


    1. D-ron says:

      I’m a numerology fan so I’ll give it a 7.2

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