# 93 – Grimerica Talks Lucid Dreaming with Robert Waggoner

# 92 – Grimerica Talks to Paul Elder – Remote Viewing, NDE’s, and More
December 12, 2014
# 94 – Grimerica Talks to Alex Tsakiris; Why Science is Wrong… About Almost Everything
December 27, 2014

Robert Waggoner – author, speaker and lucid dreamer.

Robert is one of the forerunners in lucid dreaming experience and research. He is co-editor of the only lucid dreaming online mag called “The Lucid Dreaming Experience” and has authored “Lucid Dreaming – Gateway to the Inner Self”










It’s just Darren and Graham in this intro with more feedback, synchronicities, and psychedelic trips. Graham tells about his odd lucid dream and of course a profound quote about UFO’s is shared.

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  1. Culture Industry says:

    Repost: So it took me two weeks to do my dreaming exercise. This is what happened. Week 1 I think of a question to ask the dream “Hey what’s my purpose” I say this out loud to myself through out the day for a few days. Then one night before I go to sleep I go into my bathroom look in the mirror and tell myself, “When you see yourself you will realize you are dreaming” and I repeated “Hey what’s my purpose”. To clarify I wrote on my last post that I realize when dreaming I see myself like I’m watching somebody and that is what I meant by when I see myself. But this is very hard to realize when your watching a movie like dream that stars you it’s hard to step back and say oh that’s not me… anyway… So in the dream I had to go to the bathroom and when I got into the bathroom in my dream I saw myself in the mirror, (first time ever having a mirror or reflection appear in my dream), and when I saw my reflection I remembered the dream exercise and looking into the mirror I asked “Hey what’s my purpose”. At first I thought I didn’t get an answer but here is what happened. After asking my purpose the me in the mirror morphed and changed from shape to form like a colorful cloud of fog. I think maybe it means purpose is what I make of things I got only a shifting form maybe because something as personal as purpose is a choice of free will and not determined, reaching I know but for now that’s all I can make out of it. Then about a week later I had been listening to Gralien Report and they called Christopher Walken a word I had never experienced before and I couldn’t remember it to look up the definition. Just my wanting to know what the word meant seemed to be enough and with in a day or two I had a dream and Micah appeared to me and I asked him “What is that word you guys called Walken” and slowly and clearly two times he repeated the superlitin (spelling? half a play on a word). Now I couldn’t forget that word if I tried. I will keep trying and let you guys know what happens I need to come up with better questions though precise and testable and maybe things I have no prior knowledge of.

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