# 94 – Grimerica Talks to Alex Tsakiris; Why Science is Wrong… About Almost Everything

# 93 – Grimerica Talks Lucid Dreaming with Robert Waggoner
December 20, 2014
# 95 – Grimerica Continues Talking to Randall Carlson; Sacred Geometry, Catastrophist Theories, Renegade Scholarship & more
January 4, 2015

Alex Tsakiris – Host of the long running Skeptiko podcast and author of the new book “Why Science is Wrong….. About Almost Everything”.

Alex is truly on the front lines in this long fought War on Consciousness. He has been challenging the gatekeepers of this dogmatic materialism paradigm, while giving a voice to alternate views and just following the data to where it leads. You can tell by the title of his book…. As to where this is heading. Strap in for this ride!






It’s just Darren and Graham in this intro sharing some listener black eyed Asian Men in Black encounter and some positive feedback. The 50/50 MoneyBomb will carry over till the end of January so there is lot’s of time to get in. Please donate to help out the show.

Randall Carlson’s webinar coming up on Jan 4th and Jan 11th.


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  1. Michael Larkin says:

    Thanks–I greatly enjoyed the interview with Alex (I’m a regular listener to Skeptiko and don’t recall having visited your site before: I’ll almost certainly be back, though).

    • Graham says:

      Hey Michael,

      Thanks for listening and I’m glad you like it. We are looking forward to having some of Alex’s guests on in 2015. We really need to do a NDE focused show.

      Best in 2015,

  2. Just finished listening to this episode, and it was an absolute blast. I loved the whole ‘inside baseball’ chat with Alex, and all the feedback re. the “crop-circle faker” as Graham still (stubbornly) calls him 😉

    And I also hope you include me whenever you’re planning on having that round table with him, too! 😛

  3. Deneen says:

    Bummer, he said he was going to interview a Homeopath, I don’t see that on his site anywhere. Was looking forward to hearing that!

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