#100 – Terry Ray – World Wide Invasion of the Orange Orbs

#99 – Grimerica Talks to David Mathisen – ‘The Undying Stars’
January 23, 2015
#101 The Grimerican 101th Episode Spectacular
February 5, 2015

Terry Ray, author of , “The Complete Story of the World Wide Invasion of the Orange Orbs”  You don’t have to go far to hear about someone you know that has seen an Orange/Red orb. Terry maps out this global phenom, studies it and is not afraid to make some assertions as to what may be behind this mystery. Terry is a former military pilot, trial lawyer, law professor and is currently a novelist and MUFON field investigator.

They chat about Terry’s own sighting that kickstarted this recent obsession of his. And the guys are the first to find out about the 2014 stats. This is a great conversation about an underrated analysis on a10 specific type of prevalent UFO sighting. This type of research could really only be done in the last few years, so thank Gods someone is doing it!





Graham and Darren solo in the intro…. Graham talks about a couple of local Orb sightings from friends of theirs. Profound UFO quote, listener Trip Reports and lucid nightmares are shared. Thanks for all the recent feedback, the amazing iTunes reviews are really helping.

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  1. richard topkins says:

    shart in a box then fart n a box see which one fills up quicker, this is an analagy for this orbs episode.

  2. Barry says:

    I filmed multiple orange orbs on December 31st, 2013. If you look on Nuforc.org there is tons of sightings of these orange and red orbs, which I’m certain you both have done. It would seem Terry is on to something here. I’m glad he’s connecting the dots. The ones I saw were flying very low and slow, almost like they wanted people to see them. I actually jumped out of my car at a red light and got the attention of the car next to me and yelled ” Look at the UFO”. When they saw the orange, pulsating orb, they gasped in amazement. I did that to two drivers who were oblivious there was something very strange right over their heads. Great show with this guy!

  3. completely agree with the 9.5 rating….as soon as i heard about the snake biting him on the inner arm, i knew that his wife had OD’d. Terrifically sad and very powerful.

  4. I think the biggest problem I have with Terry’s work is in how he reaches to several conclusions based on an anthropomorphization of the phenomenon. “These are intelligent beings,” “they would probably need to unwind and do a bit of R&R”, etc.

    Furthermore, the proliferation of orange orbs would seem to me as a step backward toward increasing the phenomenon’s visibility. What happened to the landing sightings of yesteryear when the UFOnauts would actually exit the ‘craft’?

    Other than that, I think his statistical study of the orange orb phenomenon is commendable.

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