#101 The Grimerican 101th Episode Spectacular

#100 – Terry Ray – World Wide Invasion of the Orange Orbs
January 31, 2015
#102 Grimerica Talks Money Mafias & Banking Cartels with Hon. Paul Hellyer
February 13, 2015

To somewhat celebrate the first 100 episodes Darren, Graham and Joey fly solo on this one without a guest. It’s the usual mash up of listener synchronicities, experiences, and UFO quotes along with a little housekeeping etc. Darren talks about the genesis of the name Grimerica and Graham talks about recent contact with a couple people who were there 25 years ago when they had a multiple witness, multiple sighting UFO experience. They also chat about diffusing the 50/50 MoneyBomb and focusing strictly on a listener supported value for value model.

Longtime friends of Grimerica Red Pill Junkie, ForteanMind and Jared the Kiwi Ambassador join in during the second half. Shooting big foot and UFO community polarization are hot topics with these fellow enthusiasts. Darren and Jared share their profound synchronicity that happened earlier that very day. The guys chat about their favorite episodes and some future topics.

Links to stuff talked about in this episode:

Deep Exploration of Paranormal Experience Data


Lucid Dreams and Metacognition


The Roswell Reveal in Mexico City


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1 Comment

  1. Re-listening to your story on how the people you were with in Te-Aviv during the UFO sighting always attributed to the result of too much alcohol that night, reminded of how that stereitypical assumption has always bothered me.

    I like to drink. In fact I probably drink more than I should, even though I very rarely get drunk –especially in public. But even though I’m fairly familiar with the sensations caused by inebriation, I’ve never understood why skeptics think UFO sightings could be the result of one shot of Tequila too-many.

    I can understand why being tipsy might cause you to think the girl sitting on the other side of the bar is far more attractive than she actually is –and that she also is *totally* into you, man!– but how in Cthulhu’s name could that translate to seeing weird lights in the sky??

    Someone has to make a better case of how pink elephants can morph into little green men 😉

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