#111 – Grimerica Talks Vaccines & The Ministry of Truth with Jon Rappaport

#110 – Grimerica Talks Ancient Egypt & “The Secret Chamber of Osiris” with Scott Creighton
April 4, 2015
#112 – Grimerica Talks Acoustics & Megaliths with James Swagger
April 20, 2015

Jon Rappaport of “no more fake news . com” joins us for this pealing back of the Matrix type episode. We discussed the latest on the battle of vaccinations, and Google’s upcoming “Ministry of Truth”, as well as conspiracies, alternative health and much more. Who’s winning this battle between the medical cartel and the rest of us? They’ve almost got us cradle to grave….

John has been a freelance investigative reporter for over 30 years, has written three collections on “The Matrix”, he’s hosted and produced radio shows and written extensively inside and outside of the mainstream media and Jon has lectured all over the states.




In the intro Red Pill Junkie is on board…… recording on the eve of the Easter blood moon eclipse we get into some polarized feedback from the Lunar Wave episode with Crrow 777. We chat about listener astral projection stories, Red’s blog on MU about commercial drones vs. UFO’s. Thank you to everyone who has supported the show!

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  1. –“These un-vaccinated kids are spreading viruses!”

    –“If your kid is vaccinated, what are you worrying about?”

    Um, because viruses MUTATE? And pockets of naive populations –read un-vaccinated individuals– actually PROMOTE more mutations of the viruses, to which folks (vaccinated or not) might not have proper antibodies to fight them off. It’s part of what’s called ‘antigenic drift’ –something John failed to mention in his shpeel.

    There have been a few guests to which I’ve been completely in disagreement with. This is one of them. And the fact that he bluntly admits not to pay attention to criticism –“I just ignore them”– says a lot about him and his claims. Not all criticism is created equal; there’s trolling for the sake of trolling –“UR so dumb LOL!”– and there’s someone offering a thoughtful opinion which might help you revise your standing on a particular topic. Not entertaining the possibility that you might be wrong is the mark of a true fundamentalist.

    I might think I’m the greatest piano player in the world, but if I dismiss all the people who think otherwise, I might just be deluding myself and my playing might actually sound like mating cats on a Summer night.


    • D-ron says:

      I’d have to disagree, as I parent the day I allow anybody other then myself or my wife do decide whats injected into my children is the day I leave the country. Anybody who thinks getting dozens of injections before toddlerhood is a good idea during extremely important developmental stages with little or no knowledge of the long terms effects is halfway to sheeplehood. The fact that there is even discussions of making these shots mandatory is borderline facism. It is my humble opinion my friend that this will in time turn out to be one of the great mistakes we look back on one day, kinda like smoking being good for you, when most of the population is at the pharmaceutical tit from conception until death. There is much we agree on amigo, this is not one. This is one issue in which we are in complete disagreement,

      • I guess we’ll have to stay in disagreement.

        But, you might want to exercise the same level of open-mindedness you guys showed with the crop circles and the lunar wave –i.e. inviting a ‘pro-vaccine’ spokesperson to the show.

        • hi RPJ, thank you for your comments.

          D-ron, vaccines of various sorts have been in use for hundreds of years. Now i am in no way a thoughtless medical-industry promoter, but comparing vaccines to smoking makes you look ill-informed.

          The issue with vaccines is that not everyone who *could* benefit *can* benefit from being vaccinated. Some people can be vaccinated and not have the immune response which will provide them protection (infants and some people with various medical and genetic conditions), and other people are too immune-compromised (people on chemo for example).

          This gets to the nut of why vaccines are so controversial in some parts of the hyper-individualistic USA. Vaccination of yourself and/or your kids is something you do for your own sake but also, and very largely, to help out everyone around you.

          I have some auto-immune diseases. I live as healthily as i can, just bad genes and most likely pesticide overuse by farmers when i was in utero/very small. I am at big risk for rampant asthma and pneumonia from influenza. I get my flu shot every year, but because of my hinky immune system i don’t get that great of protection. My best bet at staying healthy is for everyone around me to stay healthy.

          Now i am 53 and you don’t know me so likely you do not give a shit if i live or die. But what about babies too young to get vaccines, or your own grandma and pa?

          I know here in the USA everyone likes to think that they have every right to do whatever they want and they don’t like to think they are doing anything for the greater good. But would you take a dump in your local water supply? Would you deliberately cough mucous all over every person you meet on the street when you know you have a cold? Most people would say no, because it’s gross and *they know it could spread disease*.

          There are definitely good medical reasons for people to not get vaccinated. If that is the case you should not get vaccinated! But if you’re not in that situation and choose not to get vaccinated, you’re no different than some person with diarrhea spreading their shit all over the silverware at the local all you can eat buffet. It is just two different ways of not doing your part to help everyone, even people you may not know, not get sick.

          Not getting vaccinated is just another way of not doing your part to stop the spread of germs.

          • D-ron says:

            Agree to disagree, That’s about as far as Im going to take this one, though I will mention I do take some offence to your calling my decision to no vaccinate myself or my children akin to shitting in the local water supply or on your silverware. That’s just ridiculous. I suppose the irony would be that you’d likely be more at risk to catch something from the shedding of somebody recently vaccinated than you would be from me. Even then I’d say your more likely to be killed by obesity (not you specifically), car accidents, Diabetes, or suicide than from coming into contact with me or my kids. Sorry to sneeze mucous on you, but c’mon. I wish you the best in health and happiness, and perhaps one day my outlook will change, but for now this is my stance. I suppose at one time our best interests were in mind, but make no mistake in todays world of pharmaceuticals you are a customer not a patient. Now Im all for friendly discussions, but if the tone is going to be that I’m shitting in the community water than It’s likely best it ends here,

            Thanks for listening

  2. Ken says:

    Has anyone else noticed that Mr. Rappaport’s voice sounds EXACTLY like Louis Black’s? It’s uncanny.

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