#112 – Grimerica Talks Acoustics & Megaliths with James Swagger

#111 – Grimerica Talks Vaccines & The Ministry of Truth with Jon Rappaport
April 11, 2015
#113 – Grimerica Talks Demons and Exorcisms with Exorcist Sonia Brosz
April 24, 2015

James Swagger author of upcoming book “ The Megalith Acoustic Mystery: A Quest to Understand Altered States at Ancient Temples” joins us for a this special St. Patrick’s day with the Irishman himself. James has investigated numerous ancient megalithic sites using science and engineering in his quest to unveil humanity’s true cultural blueprint. I’m sure we’ll be chatting about his many travels past and future and topics like Archaeoacoustics, Archaeoastronomy, and maybe even Astrology.

Also check out his first book “The Newgrange Sirius Mystery: Linking Passage Grave cosmology with Dogon Symbology”, released in 2013, and his many radio shows and youtube channels.

We chat about all kinds of topics, from archeoacoustics and astronomy, to rock art and the precession. Ireland is still full of untapped megalithic mysteries.



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Dazza the cameraman joins us for this special intro to chat about the lunar wave. He presents some fairly compelling evidence to explain this.

Dazza makes a hobby of debunking things, so this leads us into further discussion about UFO’s and consious ness.

He is part of a local astronomy group, highlights his debunking on his YouTube channel “dazzathecameraman” and his website is VORTEX. See links below.

Local astronomical group

Ken ring, predictions of earth quake, march 20, 2011

Christ church, NZ, and history going back 120 years…

Orbital alignment… first debunking discussion

Facebook discussion on vortex, group on reason.

Atmospheric gravity waves

Gravitational waves

Links to stuff talked about during the show and intro:








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  1. Haven’t finished listening to the entire episode yet, but I just wanted to congratulate you guys for inviting Dazza, who IMO gave a very good explanation about the so-called ‘Lunar wave’ –and also confirmed my suspicions it was all due to atmospheric action, I might add (check my comment on that episode) <—shameless bragging 😛

    IMO Crrow was *so* focused in demonstrating the wave was not caused by a digital artifact in his recording equipment, he produced a blind spot in his logical reasoning. A true scientific method would have involved crossing out other possible variables –changing location, measuring temperature and other factors, etc– but instead he started out from an improbable assumption –there's a wave crossing the Moon– and from that catapulted himself to quantum levels of conspiranoid hyperbole –"NASA and all space agencies are lying to us!!" "No object can leave Earth's gravitational pull!"

    One more thing: The fact that you guys have been willing to invite individuals who offer a different POV than from a previous guest, is IMO what is making Grimerica stand out from the rest of the alternative podcasts who only want to repeat what conspiracy fans want to hear. Bravo! 😀

  2. D-ron says:

    GRacious Amigo, I see were here at the same time lol. Aprecciated. What are your plans tonight? unrecorded conversation perhaps?>

  3. […] #112 – Grimerica Talks Acoustics & Megaliths with James Swagger […]

  4. […] #112 – Grimerica Talks Acoustics & Megaliths with James Swagger […]

  5. […] #112 – Grimerica Talks Acoustics & Megaliths with James Swagger […]

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