#118 – Grimerica Talks Flying Cars with Dr. Paul Moller

#117 – Grimerica Talks Remote Viewing & Project Stargate with John Herlosky
May 23, 2015
#119 – Grimerica Talks Measuring Human Consciousness with Richard Barrett
June 4, 2015
Paul Moller, President and Chairman of the Board of Moller International – Makers of the “Skycar”. Moller is making new concepts of aviation a reality.
Dr. Moller has received 43 patents including a fundamentally a new form of powered tilt aircraft working on contracts with NASA, DARPA, NRL and many others deploying unmanned vehicles. He was also founder and CEO of SuperTrapp recognized for high powered engine silencing systems. He developed a Davis Research Park, a 38 acre research complex in Davis CA. Dr Moller holds a Masters in Engineering and a Ph.D from McGill and was a Professor of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering at UofC Davis.
We chat about the decades of passion Paul has put into making flying cars a reality and about the different types of vehicles he’s developed all using Freedom Motors “Rotapower” engine, a Wankel style rotary engine with improved capabilities and performance. We also get into anti-gravitics and what could be powering large silent craft flying in our skies, and we speculate on the near future with flying cars at our finger tips. With the surge in unmanned aerial vehicles  (Drones), this has forced the FAA and other regulatory agencies to create some new parameters which is going to help the flying car challenge.
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