#117 – Grimerica Talks Remote Viewing & Project Stargate with John Herlosky

#116 – Grimerican Roundtables Take 4 – Alex Tsakiris, Conner Habib, & Red Pill Junkie
May 15, 2015
#118 – Grimerica Talks Flying Cars with Dr. Paul Moller
June 1, 2015
 John Herlosky, Skeptic to operational remote viewer, author of “A Sorcerer’s Apprentice – A Skeptic’s Journey Into the CIA’s Project Stargate”  
We chat about John’s journey into remote viewing and how his world view changed and the balance between technology and the philosophy of life. John gets into some of his direct experience with viewing very long distance and future events. We also chat about the evolution of science, and the government/corporate control of the news and our perception.
John is considered a human performance expert, a martial artist and also worked as a cop and academy instructor. He was co-director of both Project Trojan Warrior 11 and the Institute for Evolutionary Technologies.
Here are the coordinates for our homework / remote viewing exercise. 2105 6611. The target is in present time….
jot down your impressions, sketches, thoughts and feelings and send them in. We talk about this in 3 weeks on the show and get the target off of John at that time.
It’s Graham and Darren during the intro. Graham talks about listener UFO / Orb sighting and reads some truly humbling listener feedback. Also, the usual Profound UFO Quote of the week and a small segment on “The Others Report” app. The March Against Monsanto is coming up this weekend as well as George Norry and Friends in Vancouver on Saturday June 6.
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