#145 – Grimerica Talks Dystopian Futures and Ballistics with Greg Hickey

#144 – Grimerica Talks Everything Podcasting with Rob Walch
November 22, 2015
#146 – Grimerica Talks Sympathetic Vibratory Physics & Dynaspheres with Dale Pond
December 4, 2015

Interview Starts 35:55

Greg Hickey, Philosophical fiction author of Our Dried Voices
In 2153, cancer was cured. In 2189, AIDS. And in 2235, the last members of the human race traveled to a far distant planet called Pearl to begin the next chapter of humanity. Several hundred years after their arrival, the remainder of humanity lives in a utopian colony in which every want is satisfied automatically, and there is no need for human labor, struggle or thought. But when the machines that regulate the colony begin to malfunction, the colonists are faced with a test for the first time in their existence. With the lives of the colonists at stake, it is left to a young man named Samuel to repair these breakdowns and save the colony. Aided by his friend Penny, Samuel rises to meet each challenge. But he soon discovers a mysterious group of people behind each of these problems, and he must somehow find and defeat these saboteurs in order to rescue his colony.
Greg is a writer, forensic scientist, and endurance athlete. We chat about Greg’s book, his future projects and a bit about society and the parallels with the dystopian theme.
Jestin (Forteanmindset) is back in this intro to give us a full rundown of the recent Sasquatch Summit. We chat again about the ongoing the question, to shoot or not to shoot Sasquatch and Darrens twitter pole. A special thanks from Graham to all those who voted to save the big hairy dude. Jestin also recounted some recent mini synchro’s.
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