#146 – Grimerica Talks Sympathetic Vibratory Physics & Dynaspheres with Dale Pond

#145 – Grimerica Talks Dystopian Futures and Ballistics with Greg Hickey
November 27, 2015
#147 – Grimerica Talks Everything Angels with Marie-Ange Faugérolas
December 12, 2015

Interview Starts 30:10

Dale Pond – of The Pond Science Institute (PSI) is a place where people can learn all aspects of Sympathetic Vibratory Physics. This is another important bridge between science and spirituality. Dale has a diversified background in many things including chemistry, physics, engineering, hydrodynamics, geometry, acoustics, math, and tool making. He’s a maker of Musical Dynaspheres and has been able to show that vibration/oscillation is at the root of all things and links mind and matter.
We talk about “raising your vibration”, cymatics, life force and love, and people awakening. Free energy inventions and Ideas from the wonderbasket are also discussed. Take a look at Dale’s beautifully crafted Dynasphere’s and the affect they have on people. We also chat about those moments of clarity when one feel’s the oneness of beauty and walking on fire. Oh yeah, and some older cigar shaped UFO tales….
In the intro we chat upcoming Paramania, 4 profound UFO quotes and Darren has some quotes from twitter. A couple listener synchronicities are shared as well.  Thanks to all those who are helping us spread the word. Tell a friend about the show and send in your stories of awakening.
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Paramania, the Uncon – April 1-3 Dallas TX
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1 Comment

  1. Donna says:

    Hi guys, great show! Ok so I guess you are winning me over. The first real book I ever read (8years old btw) not containing youth content was Chariots of the gods. It fascinated me because my family was not religious at all, and I have always seen light and colors around people. I thought it would give me answers, but it only resulted in a million more questions. I never knew what it was until I started spending all my time in the library, because well ya know… we had no publicly available internet in the stone-age lol and so began my journey to discover everything about everything and reading anything I could get my hands on. I have experienced many of what you guys call a synchronicity, but I must also say I am a skeptic who has experienced things. I do believe in scientific facts as far as proven theories and tangible research results. I have been writing a book for an extremely long time now doing extensive research. The focus of the Novel is directly related to my research involving the reptilian theory, royal bloodlines, and alternate dimensions, so I was interested when you mentioned the reason for removal from the group. I think anything is possible, but some people out there tend to get kind of wackadoo…just sayin lol. I absolutely, 100% believe in energy, and all sorts of things both plausible and possible, but none of them involve magic or anything beyond the realm of interpretable science… currently explainable or not. I am a paranormal freak as far as stories and my interest but remain intensely skeptical. I think everything can be explained, and just because we have not reached an intellectual level high enough to do so, does not make it supernatural. My research into ancient cultures has lead me to 100% believe in aliens as well. I’ll try to spread the word about you guys because I think you make some great points and get some pretty cool guests. I love that you guys provide all the relevant links also because I appreciate that very much. Thanks and I am looking forward to the next show. Oh, btw what is the deal with the live chat? That would be pretty freakin awesome if I am free?

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