#151 – Grimerica Talks Magical Egypt & More with John Anthony West

#64 – Grimerica Talks The Dark Heart of The Hippie Movement with Dave McGowan
January 6, 2016
#152 – Grimerica Talks IGod with Rashmi Khilnani
January 16, 2016

Interview Starts 20:55

John Anthony West – Rogue Egyptologist, schola, author, lecturer joins us for a great chat about all things Egypt plus other work he has been into, like the 5 cowboys of the apocalypse. He’s been leading tours in Egypt for many years and gets an inside look at the beauty and mysteries of that ancient land. We talk about why Egypt is so important, how safe it still is and we also get into this schizophrenic society that we live in that still denies possibilities that don’t fit the current paradigm. Oh yeah, can’t forget why Egypt is like sex….
In the intro Darren and Graham share some listener feedback and a couple synchronicities.
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  1. Napoléon Doom says:

    Love this guy! I’ve gotta agree with him on his comment about open minded people. My self-proclaimed “open minded” friends are always indignant over the fact that I’m deign to even speak with people who are (you name it really, Christians, meat-eaters, women with breast implants, people with spray tans) I think sometimes people’s dedication to the image they want to convey to society (scientific or otherwise) becomes a shackle they’re bound to.

    I totally feel you on the ear piercing thing Graham, placement is everything! I have 7 piercings, 3 in each ear and one that’s a little lower…. much lower. People get all excited about that until they find out its in my belly button, something that becomes more difficult to explain the older I get- but DAMNIT, I refuse to take it out! It’s a powerful reminder not to do stupid things on a whim.

    I am debating getting a daith piercing though.

  2. Graham says:

    Thanks Nap,

    I winced about the open minded thing…. better be careful how I label myself and our show. The shackle thing is a risk.. I agree. So far after the daith piercing… migraines pretty much gone. what does exist for a head ache is different and way less intense.


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