#64 – Grimerica Talks The Dark Heart of The Hippie Movement with Dave McGowan

#150 – Grimerica Gralien 2015 Holiday Fandango
December 30, 2015
#151 – Grimerica Talks Magical Egypt & More with John Anthony West
January 9, 2016

RIP David Mcgowan

David McGowan, author of the “Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon, Laurel Canyon, Covert Ops and the Dark Heart of the Hippie Dream”  is in Grimerica for this mind blowing episode. Not many people realize the actual genesis of the hippie / anti war movement. Through all of Dave’s research he makes some astounding connections that are just too hard to ignore. The ties between the artists, producers, movies stars and cultural icons and various intelligence communities are staggering. Is it just a coincidence that they all showed up in Laurel Canyon at the same time? Never mind about where the full service recording studio was located for this new genre of influential music. And, what about the over abundance of strange deaths just a few years after this? The list goes on and on and get’s deeper than one can imagine. This could very well make you look at our culture and life in a different light. No wonder why this book and research is resonating with so many people.


In the Intro Darren and Graham get to some listener feedback and more synchronicities. Please excuse the audio during this intro, the guys tried the non-local approach due to time constraints. They discussed the hole in Russia and the Vancouver sighting of a pre-air show stunt. And, as usual Graham has an appropriate Profound UFO Quote of the Week.
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