#158 – Grimerica Talks Peak Oil & The Myth of Progress with John Michael Greer

#157 – Grimerica Talks Santa Muerte with RPJ, David Metcalfe, & Andrew Chesnut Phd
February 19, 2016
#159 – Grimerica Talks NDE’s and “The Dead Saints Chronicles” with David Solomon
March 3, 2016


Interview Starts 29:40
John Michael Greer – Head of the Druidical Order of the Golden Dawn, and author of over 30 books on many subjects joins us in Grimerica. Besides Druidism, John has been researching and writing about peak oil and the rise and fall of industrial society. (ie. The Ecotechnic Future, The long Descent, Decline and Fall, After Progress, just to name a few) We touch on some political current events, the upcoming energy crisis and what we can all do to help the situation. Sustainable living, the difference between now and the awareness in the 70’s, and of course Druidry is discussed. We even get into UFO’s and where to go instead of the TV, like the naked hippy libraries! Are the historical cycles relevant or are we living in a different time….?
In the intro we chat about some listener synchronicities in particular Jason B’s, who turned us onto JMG. Email in your stories and synchro’s and help us out by donating to the show. Thanks for listening.
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