#159 – Grimerica Talks NDE’s and “The Dead Saints Chronicles” with David Solomon

#158 – Grimerica Talks Peak Oil & The Myth of Progress with John Michael Greer
February 27, 2016
#160 – Grimerica Talks Growing Earth Theory & Comics with Neal Adams
March 12, 2016

Interview starts 36:55

David Solomon is a Christian minister. He is regarded as a leading philosopher and exponent of cosmological mythology, Bible interpretation, and prophecy. His life’s research into NDE’s is manifesting into a 3 book series. starting with The Dead Saints Chronicles – A Zen Journey Through the Christian Afterlife. David was diagnosed with agressive brain cancer and has already out survived his prognosis and is working on book 3. Despite months of radiation and chemo and faced with mortality, David wrote The Dead Saints Chronicles with a new vigor.
We finally get deep into NDE’s on the show and we chat with David about dreaming, spiritual experiences , life after death, the parallels and trends between all the different types of NDE’s, and much more. 
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We also chat about David Mathisen’s new book coming out, volume ii which is Graham Hancock’s author of the month. We may start a little four or five part segment on the 784 page  Senate Report from 1978 on Weather Modification….
Links to stuff we talked about during the chat with David and during the intro segment:
http://www.nderf.org/ Near Death Research Foundation – Dr. Jeff Long
https://grimerica.ca/ep151/ John Anthony West on Grimerica
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