#172 – Grimerica Talks Cyphers & Pi with Marty Leeds

#171 – Grimerica Talks The Solar System and Exploration of with Emily Lakdawalla
May 27, 2016
#173 – Grimerican 3 year fandango upgrade fundraiser finale
June 10, 2016

Interview Starts 1:04:30

Marty Leeds – Author of Pi & The English Alphabet, Vol 1&2,  musician and you tube lecturer joins us in Grimerica for this episode. We talk about the cypher he uses to decode the bible and other works of the alphabet and his personal experience and shift in consciousness. Is Pi (3.1415….) the mathematical representation of the universe? We chat about harmony with the law of nature and sacred geometry. Marty gives us some interesting examples of the unique numbers that are decoded from some of the most important and relevant words in our language.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jS2-UJBrDoc Marty Live at Isabel Theater in TO 2015
In the intro Red Pill Junkie joins us and Graham does another little ‘weather modification’ segment. Darren talks about making crop circles and RPJ talks about some of his upcoming podcasts and various ways of listening. Graham reads a listeners synchronous dream email and the UFO quote of the week.
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  1. Mr.Owl says:

    Marty Leeds is a fascinating guest. I get the feeling that the sky’s the limit with this gentleman. It must border on disconcerting to be able to make out so many numerical connections and relations within texts and languages the way he does. I do intend to purchase one of his books very soon, it’s which one that’s the problem. I’m afraid they’ll all be over my head, but I’m guessing Pi & The English Alphabet might be a good place to start.

    On another note, and as I’m sure many other listeners have noticed, two days after this podcast posted, Marty Leeds appeared on THC going all Flat Earth. And I don’t mean that in a derogatory sense, as Mr. Leeds approach is nothing if not scientific, objective, level headed and fair. It was just surprising and a little out of left field. He basically set out to debunk it and couldn’t. Personally, until each of us have our own personal spacecraft, then that’s all anybody is going to be able to do, is speculate. And it seems that NASA can hardly be depended on for TRUTH. And in the absence of data as important as that, who knows? Let the imagination run wild I guess. And if the Flat Earth model is correct, then that means EVERYTHING else is a lie, which is devastating. More than most people can handle, clearly.

    I’m personally not vehemently in defense of either camp, although I’m more of a baller if for no other reason than the concept of the Flat Earth, as it is presented by many, means that we are essentially in a cage, a prison. And to think that “Space, The Final Frontier” is really just a pipe dream, makes me infinitely sad. No new worlds to explore and all of the implications therein…variety is the spice of life! The Flat Earth model takes all my dreams, fantasies and hopes for mankind and stomps them as if under a fucking boot. Thank you Star Trek (especially) TNG. I believe I once heard it said, although it is apparently allegory, that once Alexander the Great reached the end of world, that he wept salt tears, for there were no more lands left to conquer. Isn’t that we are looking at with the Flat Earth model? If so, salt tears are definitely in order.

  2. I think this was a terrific interview

    Marty shares deep insights into number as both the “source code” for the world we CAN see and a pointer towards the invisible realm or divine realm which we cannot see — and towards the fact that both are always present in every aspect and molecule of this dual material-spiritual realm in which we find ourselves.

    Graham & Darren asked some great questions and weren’t afraid to ask some “long & complex” questions that brought out some fantastic discussions. The discussion about “where this all came from,” whether from “human or superhuman” realm is a very important discussion and Marty gave a fantastic answer to that in my opinion. I agree with him that the answer seems to be: “Great question — we don’t know — it seems to be both, somehow” (my paraphrase).

    For the record, I also believe that BOTH numerical metaphor and star metaphor are used in the sacred myths of humanity (including the Bible but also the sacred stories and scriptures of virtually every other culture on the planet), as well as “human body” or “anatomical” metaphor, to point us toward profound spiritual truths, and that they operate on MANY levels at once — in fact, the ability of myth to operate on many layers at once (celestial, numerical, anatomical) is yet another piece of very strong evidence which shows that the ancient wisdom given to humanity comes from a source very different from the “conventional history” storyline, which says that myths are basically just “primitive attempts” to explain death, thunder, earthquakes, or seasons (that is obviously a ridiculous position, but it is still taught in conventional storyline: it should be very obvious by now that there was some kind of worldwide ancient wisdom that was far more advanced, far more ancient, and far more profound than what we are taught in school).

    Here’s two blog posts I wrote back in 2014 about Marty’s valuable exploration of the metaphor of number and spirituality:



    I am also, of course, aware that Marty has become convinced that there is not evidence to accept a spherical earth. Personally, I am convinced that there is enough evidence available to accept a spherical earth, and that we can each see this evidence for ourselves, without owning a spaceship of our own. HOWEVER, I do not believe that any topic should be “off limits,” and believe that we should always be open to considering the evidence that someone might offer, even if we do not agree with their conclusions. Personally, I tend to think the “flat earth” arguments are a deliberate attempt to distract us from other subjects, but I also admit that some might well be honestly convinced that the earth is flat (I think they are mistaken, for reasons I have cited elsewhere — for those who are curious about my personal arguments on this topic, I give a list of arguments for a round earth here: http://mathisencorollary.blogspot.com/2015/11/the-invisible-kraken-evidence-that.html ).

    However, I am not trying to distract from this great interview by linking that here: I only include it because the post above said we can’t know unless we each have our own spaceship (I think we can know, even without a spaceship, and I tried to provide arguments that are based on observations we can each personally make).

    The bigger point is, setting all that distracting subject matter aside, Marty and I are (I think) in agreement about the presence of profound symbolism all around us that is intended for our spiritual benefit, whether it is in the form of number, or celestial metaphor, or sacred geometry, and that wherever all of this came from, its existence seems to argue that the “conventional storyline” has some serious problems.

    This is an extremely important subject, and I think we should all be grateful to Marty for sharing with us what he has discovered, and for doing so in a way that positive and respectful to others and that tries to uplift and not to “put down.”

    Kudos to Grimerica team and to Marty Leeds for a fascinating interview!

    Dave M

    • Mr.Owl says:


      In response to your reply on my
      ‘Spaceship’ comment, please let me clarify. I see now that I didn’t really misspeak so much as I did not articulate what I was trying to say properly.

      Obviously there are countless observations one can make on Terra Firma herself that demonstrate that the Earth is a sphere. I did read your exhaustive and, at some points, exhausting, blog post, ‘The invisible kraken.’ I enjoyed it and it pointed out many of the points I had made personal mental notes of, such as the Coriolis effect, which I have also observed personally.

      Particularly fascinating was the section on artillery adjustments that must be made due to the rotation of the Earth. Very cool. I do think I heard this somewhere before, but let’s face it, warfare is serious business. Try explaining to an artillery battalion that they’ve got it all wrong, the Earth is flat!

      What I meant with the ‘spaceship’ comment is that it would take nothing more or less than a ride into Earth orbit to convince the likes of Mark Sargent or Rob Skiba that they’re puffing the wrong end of the pipe. I agree with you that this whole Flat Earth trend does appear to be a distraction, or some such nonsense, of some sort.

      Let me explain my reason for coming to that conclusion. I have watched a few of Sargent’s videos(I was never able to finish any of them) and was left with the sinking suspicion that he’s not doing this because he couldn’t disprove Flat Earth. But that he’s doing it as social/thought experiment, just to see how gullible people really are. Clearly, it’s working. I’m sure he’s laughing it up, and people are actually giving him airtime to boot. And he’s smug as hell, which makes it even worse.

      I can’t recall any topic that has been more polarizing than the Flat Earth ‘theory’. This should not even be topic of discussion, yet here we are. I can see this ruining Thanksgiving dinners, pitting friends against one another, Facebook fiascos, etc.

      My spaceship comment also hearkens back to the contactee and abductee story’s of being taken into space to observe the Earth, in all it glory and fragility. Hell, Adamski even claimed to go to Venus and back! It’s funny how none of them describe a flat earth, spinning in a void, as if any of their stories can be believed anyway. But, no doubt, they all believed that the Earth is a sphere.

      To conclude this as succinctly as possible, Mr.Mathisen, I am not an academic, I was never in the military, I haven’t written any books, I don’t have a blog, nor have been to China or New Zealand. I’m just an ordinary layman who was making some sincere observations.

      And technically speaking the kraken was, I guess you could say, invisible for a time as they lived in countless accounts and legend for centuries until truly mammoth sized specimens have been discovered in recent years. Oh, and you may want to investigate the proper usage of ‘affect’ versus ‘effect’. Just sayin’.

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