#173 – Grimerican 3 year fandango upgrade fundraiser finale

#172 – Grimerica Talks Cyphers & Pi with Marty Leeds
June 4, 2016
#174 – Grimerica Talks Wide Awake MEdia with Jarrod Fidden & Daniel John Sullivan
June 18, 2016
3 year Fandango and Upgrade fundraiser finale. Thank you to all of our guests, our listeners and everyone who has helped us over the past 3 years. Specifically thank you for participating in our fundraiser for a new recording computer.
The winner of our gift pack, ipad and co-hosting of a show is Nickie the dude.
This episode is packed with participation from listeners as well as a couple regulars like Red Pill Junkie and Micah Hanks. Thanks to all of you for waiting around for our call or calling in for this ep, Mike, Ponts, Kevin, Margaret, Charity, Chris, Adam, nuvee, and special thanks to James for his technical support in the Igloo.
We chat about all kinds of stuff; UFO’s of course, Toxoplasmosis, Rh- blood type, pineal gland, shamanism, podcasting, altered states, politics, lovecraft,
links to Micah and RPJ and a couple of other things chatted about.
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