#176 – Grimerica Talks Oak Island, True Crime and More with Jordan Bonaparte

#175 – Grimerica Talks Homeopathy & Whole Body Vibration with Becky Chambers
June 24, 2016
#177 – Grimerica Talks Astronomy and Science with Corey S Powell
July 10, 2016

Interview Starts 32:15

Jordan Bonaparte from the Nighttime podcast joins us from Eastern Canada to chat about his podcast, and some of his favorite mysteries. We talk about some True Crime stories, Oak Island, local paranormal groups and one of the most popular UFO cases from back east.
We also touch on missing 411 and researchers who become obsessed with missing persons cases. Jordan has a very open minded approach to his podcast and talks about some fascinating mysteries and topics.
In the intro we chat about the upcoming festival, Darren’s new pot card, and weather modification patents. And of course, the UFO quote of the week. Also check out the latest Friends to Know podcast – with Gram (stormfury) Dunlop as a guest.
Links to stuff we chatted about during the intro and the show:
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