#177 – Grimerica Talks Astronomy and Science with Corey S Powell

#176 – Grimerica Talks Oak Island, True Crime and More with Jordan Bonaparte
July 1, 2016
#178 – Grimerica Talks the Mayans & the Evolution of Consciousness with Carl Johan Calleman
July 16, 2016

interview starts 1:16:15

Corey S Powell – Author, science editor and journalist, joins us for this fantastic episode about all things astronomical and science. Corey spent 15 years at Discover, and was a member of the Board of Editors at Scientific American. He is currently Science Editor at Aeon mag.
We chat about media challenges in science, new discoveries like gravity waves, dark matter and energy, and black holes. We also get into the search for exo-planets and some of the latest initiatives that may be sending probes into outer space. Investigating emerging energy technology and some of the more important advances in tech like Cripr and genetic engineering are discussed as well among lots of other topics.
In the intro our friend Brian Lord joins us to chat about his recent trip to Iceland and his interest in consciousness. We met Brian when he stopped by the igloo with Randal Carlson and his crew and we had many hours of great conversation. We chat about his crazy hike in Iceland, the music and art scene, and the above average belief in elves and fairies of the Icelandic people. The festival culture and phenomenon is discussed as he went to Secret Solstice in Iceland and Graham just got back from Astral Harvest. We also get into his new course in humanistic psychology that he will be taking and his interest in different theories about the hard and soft problems of consciousness.
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See links below for stuff talked about during the intro and the show:
https://www.cfa.harvard.edu/news/2014-05 bicep2 detecting shaking of universe
https://www.iter.org/ prototype nuclear fusion reactor
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