#179 – Grimerica Talks The Pyramid Code and Matriarchs with Carmen Boulter

#178 – Grimerica Talks the Mayans & the Evolution of Consciousness with Carl Johan Calleman
July 16, 2016
#180 – Grimerica Talks Electricity in Ancient Egypt & More with James Ernest Brown
July 29, 2016

Interview Starts 24:55

Dr. Carmen Boulter – creator of Netflix hit series, The Pyramid Code joins us for a great chat about pyramids, ancient culture and her upcoming series The New Atlantis. Carmen’s previous work also includes the great work Angels and Archetypes: An Evolutionary Map of Feminine Consciousness, traces fragments of information about matriarchal cultures in pre-dynastic Egypt, prehistoric Greece, and around the world.  Dr Carmen Boulter is the creative fire behind The Pyramid Code. She is the Director, Producer, and writer of the series.
We talk about how the current count of global pyramids is apparently approaching a staggering 100,000, massive underground cavern discoveries, new technologies used for measuring consiousness, 3d mapping of ancient sites, ground penetrating radar, and gaseous discharge visualization. (luminescent biofeedback, electrophotonic imaging). How does the great pyramid affect our chakras and what does that mean for Tomsk, a new age city in Russia built out of many modern pyramids? 
James Brown’s work on Electric Egyptians, Michael Cremo’s work on OOParts, and Edward Leedskalnin’s Coral Castle and also talked about among many other fascinating topics. See all the links below for additional information. 
In the intro Darren and Graham are driving back from their first sky dive at BigSky Skydiving. Thanks the Big Sky and our buddy James Nation for showing us the way and capturing footage for us. Graham chats about his synchronicity with Mike and Andrew Collin’s book ‘Genesis of the Gods‘.
See links below for most of the stuff we chatted about during the show and the intro:
http://www.andrewcollins.com/page/news/ Gobekli Tepe – Genesis of the Gods
http://www.mcremo.com/ Forbidden Archeology
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