#180 – Grimerica Talks Electricity in Ancient Egypt & More with James Ernest Brown

#179 – Grimerica Talks The Pyramid Code and Matriarchs with Carmen Boulter
July 24, 2016
#181 – Grimerica Talks Predictive Linguistics with Clif High
August 6, 2016

Interview Starts 47:05

James Ernest Brown,  Author of Ancient Electric Egyptians – Penetrating the Atom with Electrified Sperm joins us for an electrifying chat. James has been traveling and documenting Egypt since 1978. The title of his book may sound crazy but after you hear this and see the results of his research you may think otherwise. He has looked at Egyptian art an hieroglyphs with a fresh perspective and one that starts really making sense. Put aside what you think you know about Egypt and come along for this ride.
He’s done some experiments on his own with gold, faraday cages and electricity….. We chat about being inside the King’s Chamber, the dogma of Egyptology, creating and carrying static electricity, alchemy and analema, and how much voltage does it take to empty a scrotum ?!?!?. We also touch on the Ark of the Covenant and other forms of ancient energy like the Baghdad Battery.
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In the intro Grimerica’s first guest Efrain Palermo joins us to chat about his new book – Phobian Dreams and his ambitious ideas of a magnetic slip drive. Graham shares some listener feedback and synchronicities, as well as the UFO quote of the week.
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