#188 – Grimerica Talks Consciousness, Precognition, and Opening The Doors of Perception with Anthony Peake

#187 – Grimerica Talks Spirituality, Healing, Singing Bowls, & More with Rhys Thomas
September 16, 2016
#189 – Grimerica Talks Digital Philosophy, Simulation Theory, and Alternate Realities with Jim Elvidge
October 1, 2016

interview starts 39:40

Anthony Peake – author and researcher into many fringe areas of consciousness joins us for his usual mind blowing chats. Anthony is working on his ninth book called “Opening the Doors of Perception”. Anthony is one of these guys who can articulate the mysteries and theories of consciousness very well.
We get into altered states of consciousness and the devices, techniques and substances that will to you there. Psychedelics, lucid dreaming, pre-cog states, OBE’s, NDE’s, and the Lucia device to name a few. We also chat about quantum physics, the pineal gland, simulation theory, virtual reality and many other theories of reality.
Anthony talks about some of his earlier books and what it was like to work with and be chosen by Ervin Lazslo to collaborate on the book “The Immortal Mind”. Anthony, like many of our past guests have had their path repaved or opened up by an intense synchronicity or spiritual experience and Anthony shares his personal account with us. This is a great long interrupted chat packed with loads of info, only like Anthony can do. Be sure to check out the line/notes below for most of the stuff we chatted about.
A somewhat chronological topic timeline?..:
41:45 – Quick background on Anthony working with Ervin Laszlo and “The Immortal Mind”
46:20 – Evidence for the existence of Consciousness outside the Brain
53:30 – Graham Nichols – London terrorist explosion precognition
58:00 – Evidence of precognition before 911.
1:04:00 – Is reality a simulation/hologram?
1:13:00 – Remote viewing, OBE’s, lucid dreaming, etc
1:27:30 – The non locality experiments and entanglement,  holographic universe
1:33:00 – Memory and consciousness not local to brain.
1:45:00 – DMT, Aldous Huxley, The Doors, Phillip K Dick.
1:55:00 – The New book – “The Doors of Perception”
In the intro we chat about our recent trip past Spokane to the scab lands, dry falls and the grand coulee where we met up with Brad and Jestin. Graham shares some listener feedback, lucid dreams and synchronicities as well as the usual UFO quote of the week. Welcome to new listeners and thanks to all for listening and supporting. Check out the honey do be do be do be list at the bottom for how to connect and support the show eh.
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  1. Gerry Thompson says:

    What a fantastic show guys! This was my first introduction to Anthony Peake and he blew my mind to bits. The subjects discussed left me thirsting for more I was able to follow everything he said and he has the right approach to real research and is not afraid to take on the scientific community at their own game; loved it! Your questions were well thought out and relevent they were often as insightful as the answers. This show has to be one of my top three shows of the year. Thanks for getting this guy on and I hope it’s not too long before you invite him back.
    By the way, Darren should try out an IOS app called Dream Compose. The free lite version is pretty functional and you can record your dreams on audio and/or write them if you wish. The full version allows you to export all your dream recordings, which is often a shortfall on a lot of similar app’s I have begun to use it as soon as I wake up and it makes a huge difference when you are still half asleep.
    Although I would love to hear your Grimerica Show 7 days a week, I realise you would have to make it so that you could both earn a decent living wage to do so. That would mean letting in the man who would excersise editorial control. I have a lot of respect for the way you guys run things, and continue to do things the way you do; listening is the highlight of my week. Like many listeners, I don’t have a lot of spare cash these days but I am still determined to subscribe $1.11 a month before the end of September. At a fraction over 27 cents a show it has the be the best deal on the planet! Keep up the excellent work!

  2. Dave Taylor says:

    Nice one bro, The interview was fantastic! I hear ya on the spare cash thing too Gerry. It seems like people are broke these days even living in debt by credit cards and such. It doesn’t help matters that people seemed to be sucked in by Apple inc. to buy the latest iPhone every year, fuck those guys man, I have a $200 android phone that can do everything an iPhone can do. I concur about the show though, I appreciate the fact that it is not bombarded with advertising and shit and I too will try to support the show financially but I also have a family of 3 kids and a wife to keep happy on one income so there is not a lot of spare moola at the moment.

  3. Kevin says:

    There are certain people who speak on fringe topics that I find annoying, and Anthony Peake is one of them. He seems to posit that the fringe ideas he believes in are legit, but anything he doesn’t believe in is crazy, and whoever believes it is crazy. I’m fairly sure that in this interview he now aknowledges or embraces an idea that he had previosuly ridiculed. I find Anthony’s ideas fascinating, only that I am very doubtful what he knows to be true and scientifically validated is so.

  4. Neil says:

    Great show! Glad I found Canucks doing a paranormal podcast. I hadn’t heard of Anthony Peake, and am interested in learning more about the daemon concept. Thanks for sharing and looking forward to learning more from your podcast.

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