#189 – Grimerica Talks Digital Philosophy, Simulation Theory, and Alternate Realities with Jim Elvidge

#188 – Grimerica Talks Consciousness, Precognition, and Opening The Doors of Perception with Anthony Peake
September 23, 2016
#190 – BONUS – Grimerica Road trip to Grand Coulee
October 3, 2016

interview starts 31:15

Jim Elvidge makes his way back to Grimerica. Jim has been researching and writing about digital philosophy, simulation theory and alternate realities. He is working on another book coming out later this year. We chat about how much things have changed since he was last on the show and his book “The Universe Solved” came out. Many mainstream scientists are talking about a simulated or digital reality.
We chat about the evolution of different theories, i.e.. string and quark, and entanglement and the observer affect. Jim takes us through the Mandela Affect, quantum computing and how trauma can be passed down through generations.
Jim’s old book lays out the four main categories of evidence; consciousness is fundamental and primary, all matter is digital/data, all matter is data, everything is illusion and the system/thing is digital. His new book will have many more categories and will make these theories more scientific.
We also chat about virtual reality and other theories like the Big TOE, Biocentrism, many worlds and holographic universe?.
In the intro Darren and Graham chat about the past life reading they just had! Crazy stuff, and a big thanks to some amazing art and letters received at the IGLOO. Thanks for your stories, synchronicities, and feedback.
See below for links to all the stuff we chat about during the show and the intro:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xx-STEA-Vqo&feature=youtu.be The incredible story about artificial clouds and weather modification.
https://grimerica.ca/elvidge/ our first episode with Jim
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