#202 – Grimerica Talks Awakening the Kundalini and Life Force Academy with Nitin Adsul

#201 – Grimerica Talks Toxoplasmosis, Stargates, and more with Patrick Jordan
December 9, 2016
#203 – Grimerica Talks Memes, Pepe, and Kek with ATL Carver
December 27, 2016

Interview Starts 41:40

Nitin Adsul – co-founder of LifeForce Academy, award winning film maker, life coach and meditation teacher joins us to chat about LFA, spiritual training and awakening the kundalini (life force) that resides in all of us.
This process can enable all sorts of healing, awaken one to their path and empowers human evolution. We chat about the slow process of training, chakras, how to continue with scientific research, paying attention/mindfulness and other things one can do to enable awakening; like diet, breath, the sun, and living a pure life.
In the intro Jestin (The Fortean Mind) joins us and we chat about auditory hallucinations, the monroe institute, paranormal odors, and chakra singing bowls. Graham reads some listener stories and feedback and Darren reads the episode quotes of the week. Big thanks to Jestin as well for doing out newsletter and he also blogs at Grimerica.
See the links below for stuff we chatted about during the show and the intro:
https://grimerica.ca/tibando/ Ep with Terry Tibando from CSETI
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  1. Darcy Collette says:

    The man’s message cannot be refuted! Just found your show
    I have no real hobby and my job is what i love I’m raising my young boys! Hobbies are concentrated consuming everything like the interests you also pursue in this podcast… the ufo “phenomenon ” for about a year now as well as current and ancient theo/ mystic spiritual -astroplanetology matrix AI -conspiracy research, and the like.
    I’m open and still seeking, it truly gets more interesting to me!
    I have a solid statement about all of it.
    IT (flat earth, government, treaties, antarctica, nazis, planetoids, Giza, predators/aliens. country/ countryman, wars, weather and terrible truths about *you name it*~ IMHO~

    In the infamous words in Metallica song Nothing Else Matters. . I concur. All of that brain stewing burns our flame on blast and too often into to wee hours.
    the fam and/or obligations are served our weary, bleary half assed scraps.
    In the big picture of our precious and brief average of 80 years on planet earth, the one question we must concern and ask is to ourselves.
    “What Really Matters?” .. by not allowing the aforementioned stuff we sincerely want to help change or support! yet if we are honest life’s bullet train will barrel breakneck till the track ends.
    I can reach out to who is given to me to care for, do stuff that makes my heart sing not hesitate. be healthy if I choose to, I choose not have no regrets. “every day for us something new”
    “couldn’t be more from the heart”
    Nothing Else Matters <3
    thanks for hearing me out guys

  2. Darcy Collette says:

    Omfg I am rusty as hell at composing something that needs to have punctuation and flow in context.
    I’d love to edit in my hindsight I don’t like how my assignment looks in that rear view lol.
    , oh well.
    Very sincerely yours, Dacy Collette from backasscountryfuktucky Indiana

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