#203 – Grimerica Talks Memes, Pepe, and Kek with ATL Carver

#202 – Grimerica Talks Awakening the Kundalini and Life Force Academy with Nitin Adsul
December 16, 2016
#204 – Grimerica Talks The Science of Consciousness & Plasma Healing Technologies with Dan Winter
December 30, 2016

Interview Starts 55:30

ATL Carver – author of the PEPE / Kek meme blog we talked about on the show last month joins us for a great chat about this specific meme and meme’s in general. (Meme= communication device that encapsulates soundbite. derived from gene…) He’s also got a new book coming out call “You’re Imagining Things”. This Pepe meme is loaded with synchronicities and it gets pretty crazy. Is there a metaphysical good vs evil battle going on behind the scenes?!?!
We chat about the 4chan “gets” and that culture, we touch on pizzagate, how Hillary actually called out Pepe and How Trump is the master troll.
In the intro, our friend Michael joins us in the studio and Graham does a long weather modification / geoengineering segment. We all share some feedback from instagram, and some listener synchronicities and we chat about cranial sacral and biodynamics.
See below links to stuff we chatted about during the intro and the show:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x2O-DVgcvWQ USAF admits usingHAARP for weather / ionospheric control.
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