#574 – David Richman

#573 – Jessica Weaver
November 7, 2022
#575 – Enigma Seeker
November 21, 2022
Interview starts at 10:40
David Richman joins us for a great chat about his book “Cycle of Lives – 15 People’s Stories, 5,000 Miles, and a Journey Through the Emotional Chaos of Cancer” and his bike ride across the USA. We chat about the effect that cancer has on people and how hard it is to talk about the emotional aspect of it, and endurance racing.
We get into the challenges people face when diagnosed, problems with the system and the lack of science, how anyone can get this, creating authentic connections, his theory about internalising stress, and how no matter what don’t be afraid.
In the intro recorded from Bus in Egypt we get into thanking our UK Posse for meeting up. Shannon, Graeme and his son Aaron, Rob, James, and  Anotomy. And we chat about the first part of our trip, Randall and Graham H on JRE, spots for CAC etc.
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