#575 – Enigma Seeker

#574 – David Richman
November 15, 2022
#576 – Egypt 2022 Wrap Up
November 29, 2022
We dive back into the UAP/UFO topic, this time with Enigma Seeker. We chat about his latest video’s and sightings, what’s going on with Disclosure, different theories on the phenomenon, summoning entities and UAP’s, orbs, interdimensional shifting, sightings in the airforce and angels/demons/djinn.
Is there a recent increase in these tic tac, orb type sightings, or is the media just taking this seriously now? Are these living entities or actual craft? Or mainly an electro magnetic interdimensional connection? How will the phenomenon respond to the accelerated small d disclosure?
In the intro we get into the second leg for our Egypt trip, next full ep we will do a full recap. Also we mention Contact at the Cabin at Mt. Shasta in Feb.
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