#640 – Ethical Skeptic – Evidence on Giza Plateau Pyramids of High Flood – Karst Erosion

#639 – John C. Dvorak – No Agenda Podcast – The Landscape of New Media and Value for Value
January 22, 2024
#641 – Marcell Foti – The Natron Theory of Megalithic Building
February 5, 2024
Interview starts at 29:45
Ethical Skeptic joins us to chat about his essay “Hidden in Plain Sight” regarding evidence of massive flooding on the Giza Plateau. We also chat about other ways humans could have installed those pyramid blocks, using the Sabu Disk as a impeller pump, and Water as a weight, the sand deposits, why the obfuscation about Egypt and other ancient mysteries, Sumeria, Nag Hamadi, geographic Pole Shift, the precise granite boxes , Gilgamesh, the wobbling earth, and comparisons of the Red Ochre.
What happened to the fake skeptics and why are people demonized who question the narrative?
In the intro we chat about our DB Cooper episode, the upcoming Eclipse event, Value for Value, honouring our one time donation.
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