#641 – Marcell Foti – The Natron Theory of Megalithic Building

#640 – Ethical Skeptic – Evidence on Giza Plateau Pyramids of High Flood – Karst Erosion
January 29, 2024
#642 – Chris Knowles – Synchromystic Handbook – US Navy Domination, Social X-Files Engineering
February 12, 2024
Interview starts at 29:20
Marcell Foti joins us for a chat about his theory of Natron in ancient stone working and megalithic building. He has done some of his own experiments using basic implements and fire and he may be onto something. Was this responsible for some of the scoop marks in the quarry? Were they even quarrying stones or just material to make stones? Can you seperate potential man made vs natural by compositional patterns? How was this tech forgotten, or was it? What are the nubs?
We talk about Geoffrey Drumms – The Land of Chem work, etching granite, salt, Natron, smelting, mass spectrometry analysis, different versions of the stones, specific trees, Menhir’s, and we speculate over some theories on the building and quarrying.
Ancient Mysteries Researcher – Inventor of The Natron Theory – Working on the From-Stone-To-Stone cycle to create artificial stone with caveman materials only
In the intro we chat about the upcoming Eclipse, half top surgery from 1985, our YouTube Adultbrain Audiobook channel, and value for value support. Let us know if you wanna be shouted out for your donations.
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