#658 – Malcolm Bendall and Jordan Collin – Alchemical Science – Thunderstorm Generator

#657 – Adam Young – Precise Ancient Artifacts – Cosmic Summit
May 27, 2024
#659 – Aiden Gabor – Conflicting Loyalties, My Life as a Mob Enforcer Turned DOJ Informant
June 10, 2024
Interview Starts at 23:15, Malcolm pops in at 42:44
This is a special pre Cosmic Summit episode with Malcolm Bendall and Jordan Collin. Malcolm has been around the world testing and implementing his Waste Energy Recovery Retrofit System / Thunderstorm Generator based on Plasmoid Technology, Sacred Geometry and Ancient Wisdom. It appears through the theory and initial testing that this will harvest some waste energy and transmute exhaust particles to Oxygen on combustion engines.
Jordan Collin has become an unofficial spokesman for this new technology and Malcolm’s Plasma Unification Model, due to his massive interest in ancient wisdom and modern alchemy. I, and they both will be at the Cosmic Summit – Greensborough NC, June 15-17 looking at demonstrations of Malcolm’s technology.
Will Joe Rogan try and have Malcolm and Randall Carlson on again (long story but this old recording did not get released) especially since the recent Terrance Howard episode that resonates so much with Malcolm and Jordan’s work? There are many similarities to their work, including being based partly of Walter Russel’s work.
Malcolm admits he’s standing on the shoulders of Giants and gives credit where credit is due. This is a long uninterrupted chat, that turns out like a true Hero’s Journey.
We chat about water bubble cavitation, Music of the Spheres (Jordan’s upcoming presentation at the Cosmic Summit), Vedic astrology, Sacred Geometry, Ratio’s, Terrance and Malcolm’s ‘Table of Elements’, the Thunderstorm Generator, Modern Alchemy, directed malice, cold fusion – the demonization and renaming, Martin Fleischman, sabotage and assassination attempts, and the validation of the technology.
How did Malcolm figure out the position of Enoch’s house, and get it confirmed? Did the Knights Templars also know this? Was this technology used for massive granite works and hewing stone and quarrying? Why and how did he infuse himself with Plasmoids? How is the working of the Heart an example of all this? And the Blood?
We talk about Zero Point, the eye of the hurricane, ball lightning, lifting blocks with sound, Cathay, the scale of Beauty, coming back to the world of Hydrogen, stepping away for 7 years of fasting and prayer to finish the Unification Model, the Shamir, the EVO, King Solomon’s Temple, the Ark of the Covenant, the King’s chamber, the Shaolin Priest, his life’s work and meaning, Bob Greenyer’s paper on cavitating bubbles, Tesla and Russel, 108 in terms of local cosmic synchrony, metric vs imperial, and ether + time = matter.
He has patented the direct matter to energy drive turbine so he has just started talking about that now. We also into sacred geometry, cosmic scales, time in the equation and how everything comes back to these sacred numbers. The moon, the sun, the pyramids, ancient items and artifacts….
Malcolm unloads about some of his challenges and what we are facing against the deep state, The Shaman, his roots to King of Scotland, the Last of the Mohican’s (Aborigines from Tasmania) the various prophecies he is fulfilling, The Indian Navy, The Vajra returning to India after Millenia, Universal knowledge and sacrificing everything for the truth.
“All elements are Plasmoids and that all those Elements are directly controlled by charge density,
therefore making charge density the only relevant characteristic when considering Zero Matter, Time, Light and Matter”
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