#147 – Grimerica Talks Everything Angels with Marie-Ange Faugérolas

#146 – Grimerica Talks Sympathetic Vibratory Physics & Dynaspheres with Dale Pond
December 4, 2015
#148 – Grimerica Talks Everything UFO’s and more with Stanton Friedman
December 19, 2015

Interview Starts 39:15

Marie-Ange Faugérolas Ss, author of Angels: Definitive Guide to Angels From Around the World. Marie is an award-winning French author…. Throughout history, angels have played key roles in some of the world’s most significant spiritual events. Featured in the ancient texts of our most popular religions, angels have fascinated and inspired devotees for millennia. They appear in every major world religion ─ from Christianity to Judaism, Islam to the native American Thunderbirds.
But what do we really know about these celestial beings, and is it possible to connect with them? Marie-Ange Faugerolas references religious texts from multiple traditions in order to understand angels’ purpose and relationship to people. Offering several techniques to help readers connect to these divine intercessors, Faugerolas shows readers how to: meditate, visualize, perform ceremonies etc to connect with our angels.
ANGELS is a celebration of all the world’s divine messengers and a definitive resource containing all of the knowledge collected about these awe-inspiring beings. Thoroughly researched and accessible, this encyclopedic tome will guide anyone who wants to increase the angelic presence in his or her life. Designed as a user-friendly handbook to be referenced on a regular basis, ANGELS will transform the lives of those that incorporate its practices.
We chat about the belief systems of women vs. men, how angels like to see us laugh and love, personal experiences and also about the fallen angles. This controversial phenomenon is another one that is pervasive throughout most cultures and religions.
Red Pill Junkie joins us in the intro and we dig into that podcast we mentioned a few episodes back. The BoA ‘Binnall of America’ episode with Adam Davies and John Carlson. It’s a very honest and interesting chat with two guys who had a two night encounter with unknown entities and some sort of interdimensional doorway.
RPJ also talks about the upcoming book from Greg Bishop and a couple of upcoming conferences.
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1 Comment

  1. Donna says:

    Very interesting stuff! It is incredible how many similarities are shared by ancient gods and goddesses in multiple cultures with angels. The guardian angel could explain the concept of a muse for artists, writers and creative types as well. The way she describes the use of crystals, candles and meditation are also a huge part of contacting and gaining help from pagan deities. I think they may be the same as aliens and inter dimensional beings but idk. The one thing consistent through all is the dark and light duality. Whatever these beings may be I often wonder if perhaps the good ones feed on positive energy, which is why they perpetuate it, and the same for the negative. Perchance our choices feed the light or the dark and what will happen if the bad feed more and become stronger? What if that is the importance of maintaining balance because one can’t exist without the other. Maybe that is where the whole concept of the angel and devil on your shoulder originates. It’s like which will you choose to feed? Are we feeding even with positive and negative thoughts and not just actions? Will that be what people refer to as an apocalypse when the darkness finally consumes enough to overpower the light? So much confusing crap out there so wtf should we believe? I guess we could all be in some matrix cube thing because anything is possible, but I sure hope not. Angels are described as energy beings so what do they eat? Of course, I have a whole slew of Supernatural and Dr Who, etc…. episodes bouncing around in my head now lol I did not know Enoch became Metatron though and that is like What!! I am definitely gonna check out her book even if only for research purposes. Speaking of Dr Who…That show attempts to explain a lot of myths historical mysteries, including the underground dwelling advanced reptilians or whatever they are supposed to be lol

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