#148 – Grimerica Talks Everything UFO’s and more with Stanton Friedman

#147 – Grimerica Talks Everything Angels with Marie-Ange Faugérolas
December 12, 2015
#149 – Grimerica Talks Everything Education with David J Rodriguez
December 23, 2015

Interview Starts 45:05

Stanton has been lecturing about the reality of UFO’s for decades. He has the Lifetime UFO Achievement Award in Leeds, by UFO Magazine of the UK,
Appeared at the UN twice, provided written congressional testimony, spoken at more MUFON conferences than anyone. Stanton has
written many books and is willing to debate anyone including the hardest skeptics about the UFO topic. He’s also a nuclear physicist and has personal experience with compartmentalized above top secret processes. 
Special thanks to James Nation who joins us to co-host this interview and we chat about the state of UFOlogy and how Stanton got involved. Some of the need to know basics were discussed about Blue Book,. MJ12, and the 5 large scale scientific studies. We also chat about the tech being created in the massive labs in the US outside of acedemia, and how big secrets CAN be kept.
In this longish intro we are joined by Freidrich Dean of Fringe Media to chat about their upcoming video project called Fortress America. Graham also has lots of listener email and thanks to give for all the feedback and stories of synchro’s, lucid dreams and the like.
See links below from our chat with Freidrich Dean of Fringe Media:
See below for links of stuff shared during the intro and in the interview with James Nation and Stanton Freidman:
orange orb video from listener that we share in the intro.
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  1. "The Flash" says:

    I listened to the entire interview with Stanton Friedman. I think Mr. Friedman is a wonderful intelligent man, but I think he showed his cards at the end of the interview. The question was asked if someone were to donate a very large sum of money to him, what would he do with it in regards to the UFO mystery. He stated the first thing he would do is run ads in all the major newspapers asking anyone who had a stashed piece of a UFO to send it in so it could be analyzed. My first thought was “what a great idea”. Second and third thought was it sounded like something someone connected to the intelligence community would do. And, wow, suppose lots of pieces of downed craft came flooding in, although I highly doubt this would happen, wouldn’t the powers that be know this and confiscate the material en route to it’s destination, or switched with something else less exotic. Or perhaps taken and never returned. Just a though to ponder. I always love listening to Mr. Friedman, and if you aren’t connected in some secret way with the power elite, you have my sincerest apology. May God grant you many more fruitful years upon this plane of existence.

  2. "The Flash" says:

    Interesting Graham that your UFO report disappeared from the Mufon website. Any intuitive individual would know that site is run by government agents, hell all the UFO reporting sites probably are. I personally favor NUFURC.org. The sightings that are reported there will blow your socks off. But why the hell would your report vanish. Not real enough? Too real? Who knows?
    Also I was surprised not much talk of the shadow government. Mr. Friedman acted as if they didn’t exist, says no evidence for it. I beg to differ as many others would. What about anti-gravitic flying saucers and the reverse engineering of them? The struggle of good and evil regarding zero point energy, the war machine ever present to annihilate. For Christ’s sake, we need to get our shit together. The ET’s are looking at us thinking “What a bunch Cowboys and Indians…when are they going to grow up and stop killing each other? We must seriously appear to them like a bunch of spoiled retards. Except, of course for you guys and all the people that listen to or participate in your podcasts. Keep up the good work guys, and have a great New Year!

  3. It’s quite telling how Stan couldn’t think of any synchronicities that had manifested in his life. From my perspective, the way in which he managed to get in contact with Jesse Marcel and thus help re-discover Roswell, was probably one of the most influential synchronicities in the history of UFOlogy 😉

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