#149 – Grimerica Talks Everything Education with David J Rodriguez

#148 – Grimerica Talks Everything UFO’s and more with Stanton Friedman
December 19, 2015
#150 – Grimerica Gralien 2015 Holiday Fandango
December 30, 2015

Interview Starts 38:15

David J. Rodriguez is the publisher The Underground History of American Education by the world famous teacher, John Taylor Gatto.
He is also the Founder of Education Options (EducationOptionsNow.org), which is a not-for-profit organization that promotes private schooling and homeschooling.
His newest book project with Mr. Gatto has exclusive contributions from Dr. Ron Paul, G. Edward Griffin, and Lew Rockwell, and will be made into a film in 2018. In addition, Mr. Rodriguez is the Founding Principal of Valor Academy, which is a private school (grades 6-12) that sets students free to pursue their interests, passions, and dreams.
We chat about the controversial history of Education but also we talk a lot about new forms of learning and solutions available to people if they want to opt out of the education system. The affect the Internet has, common core, attendance laws, positive influences, and challenges during ones youth that can be life changing in positive ways.
Red Pill Junkie joins us for the intro again and has some interesting thoughts on education as well. Red also talks about Mike Clelland’s up coming book, and we hash it out over UFO’s and there pysicality or lack there of.
Don’t try Darren’s home made eggnog recipe or you may not remember Christmas at all…. And be sure to check in with us this Tuesday the 29th 9:00 – midnight EST for a live call in simulcast podcast with Micah from the Gralien Report, Red Pill Junkie and the good ole Texan folks Cam and Kyle from Expanded Perspectives!
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paramania, the Unconference
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Incontrivertable. the new documentary
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summerhill 2008
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