#150 – Grimerica Gralien 2015 Holiday Fandango

The Grimerica Gralien Holiday #Fandango with Micah Hanks, Darren and Graham along with special guests; David Mathisen, Joshua Cutchin, Jestin Sellas, Red Pill Junkie. And Race Hobbs. Recorded live from the Igloo and the Bunker and from all corners of North America!

We also had some listener calls from Rosie in Baha, Alex from Indiana, James from Calgary, as well as Jacob, Jack, and Gaidex with some great questions.
We chat about everything from UFO’s and the ETH, ghosts, lochness, Sasquatch – to shoot or not to shoot, and why we didn’t go back to the moon. Also Micah’s recent visit to the Georgia guidestones.
We also chat about some upcoming big story predications for 2016 and some of our favorites from 2015….
Links to all the special guests:
Micah Hanks and The Gralien Report
Red Pill Junkie
Jestin Sellas – ForteanMindset
Joshua Cutchins
Race Hobbs, thanks and respect for all, interesting times….
2015 subtle compared to 2016
david mathesin, movie messages, stars, the future

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2 comments on #150 – Grimerica Gralien 2015 Holiday Fandango

  1. Sixtyten6010 says:

    ugghh whats up with that Micah doode talking like a radio DJ??!?! Its really off putting.

  2. Micah has his own radio show, Sixty 😉

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