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#235 – Grimerica Talks Physicians Untold Stories & Miraculous Experiences with Dr. Scott Kolbaba

Interview starts 35:50   Dr. Scott Kolbaba joins us to chat about his first book “Physicians Untold Stories – Miraculous experiences doctors are hesitant to share with their patients, or ANYONE!”. Scott has been a doctor for decades and after a couple of anomalous “coincidences he was spurred to write his first book. After soliciting many other strange and unbelievable stories from his fellow physicians. These include profund NDE’s, crazy synchronistic moments Read More


#234 – Grimerica Talks “Esoteric Hollywood”, Social Engineering and More with Jay Dyer

interview starts 1:02:30   Jay Dyer of joins us to chat about his well reviewed book “Esoteric Hollywood – sex, cults, and symbols in Film”.  We get into the sections of his book; Kubrick, Spielberg vs. HG Wells, 70’s and 80’s, 007, Lynch, Hitchcock, and the CIA in Hollywood. We also chat about film as ritual, weather modification Read More


#233 – Grimerica Talks NDE’s & “A Manual for Developing Humans” with PMH Atwater

Interview Starts 44:35   PMH Atwater joins us to chat about her new book “A Manual for Developing Humans”. PMH has been studying Near Death Experiences for decades and has written many books on this topic. Her “manual” was partly written after her 3rd NDE and its loaded with insights and advice on how we should be living/working on ourselves.   All of us have potential for greater intuition and a chance Read More


#232 – Grimerica Talks Hybridization, Stabilization, and Macroevolution with Eugene McCarthy Phd

interview starts 1:02:45   Eugene M McCarthy, Ph.d joins us to chat about his many years of research into hybridization, stabilization theory, and macroevolution. We talk about the differences between this and darwinism, like the accumulation of mutations vs genetic process. We get right into hybridization, even possibilities of where humans may have come from. ie. pig and monkeys, and there are many many examples of how true hybridization Read More


Bonus Grimerica – Grahamerica’s Red Pill Roundup and More with Jeff Koszna

Bonus episode with Graham, Darren, and Kozz from Ontario chatting about the recent vacation and Red Pill Expo in Bozeman Montana. Darren talks about the hilarity of his vacation and checkin out “the forks” in Winnipeg. Kozz and Darren did Friends to Know podcast with Adam while driving around Winnipeg.   Meanwhile Graham was attending the Red Pill Expo, meeting super nice open minded people and presenters at this Expo. This was centered around taking the Red Pill, awakening, health and wellness, money, exposing fake news and scientism etc… Read More


#231 – Grimerica Talks The Divinity of Learning & Spiritual Paths with Neil Kramer

Interview Starts 39:20   Neil Kramer joins us for a fascinating chat about the mainstream control system, aspiring to be better people, the divinity of learning, and the spiritual path. Neil teaches philosophy, mysticism, esoteric studies and self development and is faculty at the Omega Institute in New York. We also chat about polarization, those who don’t really want to know the truth, and missing…. the wise elder who can teach us discernment.  Home schooling, media corruption, and “The Gathering” in upstate New York – Read More


#230 – Grimerica Talks 9/11, the Lighthouse Effect, & More with Richard Lighthouse

Interview starts 36:35

Richard Lighthouse joins us and we chat about the “lighthouse” affect – the actual frequency (1.39 Thz) of the Universe. The universe is actually blinking on and off, and matching that frequency could affect time. We chat about scientists looking for a solution between the quantum and newtonian physics, how technology has possibly been developed around this “lighthouse” frequency, what the Seth material says about this.

We also get into the “Hutchison affect”, 911 and Judy Woods work, and some of our previous episodes like the Electric Universe theory. Read More


#229 – Grimerica Talks Synchronicities, Precognitions, and Paranormal Mysteries with Dr. Eric Wargo

interview starts 35:22   Dr. Eric Wargo joins us to chat about synchronicity, precognition, paranormal mysteries and his website Eric might actually have the answer on what synchronicity is. Are we precognizing a future emotional reaction? There is enough evidence for pre-cog, so this may not be as far fetched as it sounds.  We also chat about jungian archetypes, UFO’s, Consciousness, quantum biology, Read More


#228 – Grimerica Talks Children’s Past Life Memories, Psychedelic Healing, & More with Tom Shroder

Interview Starts 32:30   Tom Shroder – award winning journalist and author joins as we talk about his research, writing and personal journey through this research. Tom went down the past lives rabbit hole and we talk about his writing about this and also about Darren’s kids and how this is a typical thing until they reach around 7. Tom wrote “Old Souls – Compelling Evidence from Children Who Remember Past Lives” and “Acid Test – LSD, Ecstasy, and the Power to Heal” Read More


#227 – Passport to Grimerica 4th Birthday Edition

Welcome to “Passport to Grimerica” – 4 year anniversary show, an episode hosting a bunch of listeners. We chat with some of listeners about how they found the show, their favorite shows and topics, who we should have on the show and of course many of them share stories of awakenings and synchronicities. A big thanks to Rachel, Janine, Felix, Mike, Garett, Grimesteak, Failed, James, and Adam for joining us for the special episode. Read More

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