#160 – Grimerica Talks Growing Earth Theory & Comics with Neal Adams

Interview starts 46:05

Neil Adams, legend in the comic / pop culture industry, researcher of multidisciplinary sciences like physics, cosmology, planetary, to name a few joins us to chat about some of his theories. This is an in depth, fascinating chat about some theories regarding the creation of matter and planetary/star/moon growth. Neil strips away the dogma and current theories and articulates his views and evidence so that we can understand and comprehend the mind blowing possibilities.
Fellow Grimerican artist and blogger Napolean joins us for this chat and we get into some of Neal’s major accomplishments in the comic book and pop culture genre and how he actually changed the business. Did his amazing art help him articulate his scientific theories?
Listeners keep emailing in great synchronicities and stories especially related to past episodes of Grimerica. Thank you for sending in your stories. Some really amazing experiences are read in the intro and Graham’s tackles some of the weather modification topic. And of course the UFO quote of the week. We need a new replacement for our 9 year old recording computer so we are doing a fundraiser/raffle… please see link below on how you can help us out.
Links to stuff chatted about during the show and the intro:
http://www.lostbreadcomic.com/ link to Napolean Dehume’s site
http://www.grimerica.ca/category/bread/ Napolean’s blog on Grimerica
http://www.grimerica.ca/author/matt/ Matt in the Hat’s blog on Grimerica
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# 88 – Grimerica Talks to Laird Scranton

Laird Scranton joins the guys in Grimerica for a thought provoking episode. Laird is 3 time Paradigm Symposium and has a couple of books coming out and his latest book released is “China’s Cosmological Prehistory – The Sophisticated Science Encoded in Civilizations Earliest Symbols”. Projects spurned by synchronicity…., Laird has made some astounding correlations among many ancient languages, cultures, symbolism, and even migration. Keep an eye on this guy, there are some amazing written works coming out soon, bound to be controversial.




Lost Secrets of the Gods


New Dawn



In the Intro with Darren and Graham, more synchro’s are shared along with some fantastic listener feedback. Darren question’s John of God’s take home pay, and both of them literally open the SPAM and dip the fingers in.

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# 59 – Grimerica Talks Rendlesham Forest with Nick Pope and John Burroughs

Interview Starts Approx 37:30

John Burroughs and Nick Pope, authors of Encounters in Rendlesham are in Grimerica for this eagerly anticipated episode. John and Jim Penniston finally get a chance to tell this incredible story themselves with the help of Nick Pope. Jim and John were witness to this strange encounter in 1980. Nick, is a former UK – Ministry of Defence employee who ran the “UFO desk” in the early 90’s. You might have heard this called Bentwaters, Woodbridge, or Rendlesham…. it’s the same case. Encounters In Rendlesham, The Inside Story of the World’s Best-Documented UFO incident, is the book, check it out you will not be disappointed.






Jestin (aka – Fortean mind) – not Fourteen mind !! joins Darren and Graham in the intro. Jestin has some questions for the guys regarding enlightenment vs singularity and UFO beliefs. The Canadian third party synchronicity rating system is still in effect. What do you call a group of Sasquatch?!?!  Check out some of Fortean Mind’s great blogs on Grimerica. Contribute to the show via the Grimerica Moneybomb 50/50 draw. Value for Value!! Appropriate UFO Quote of the week this week.


Link to Fortean Mind’s blogs




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# 49 – Grimerica Talks to Dr. Robert Schoch

Dr. Robert Schoch gives us an update on a rare megalithic site, Gunung Padang in Indonesia. Robert is no stranger to bucking the mainstream paradigm. He got his start fighting this good battle over 20 years ago with the great sphinx and has been researching ancient mysteries all over the globe ever since. He’s been tying together threads of geological and astronomical phenomenon, natural catastrophes and the early history of civilization. With a Ph.d in Geology and Geophysics, Masters of science and philosophy from Yale, a BA and BS in anthropology from George Washington how has he had the time to be a full time faculty member at Boston University along with writing and coauthoring many books, such as “The parapsychology revolution, a concise anthology or paranormal and psychical research and his latest “Forgotten Civilization: the role of solar outbursts in our past and future”!








In the short intro Darren and Graham welcome Joey to the Igloo. They chat about 420 and of course Graham’s Profound UFO Quote of the Week. As well as a quick rundown of the guests at this year’s Paradigm Symposium 2014, and Open Minds.TV





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