# 92 – Grimerica Talks to Paul Elder – Remote Viewing, NDE’s, and More

Paul Elder runs the Monroe Institute – Canada and the various residential training programs; Gateway Voyage, Guidelines, Remote Viewing, Soul Therapy, and Hemi-sync Outreach.

Paul has experienced multiple NDE’s, is a long time Monroe Institute Trainer and author of his true story, “Eyes of an Angel – Soul Travel, Spirit Guides, Soul Mates, and the Reality of Love”


Some great Synchro’s are shared on this episode and as usual the UFO quote of the week. Thanks for all the positive listener feedback. It means a lot to the guys and the show.

Thanks to Stuart for the crazy Synchronicity…. Here is the link to the movie he was talking about.

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#78 – Grimerica Goes to Paradigm 2014 Take 5 – Barry Fitzgerald

Barry Fitzgerald, former Ghost Hunter International cast member, current  paranormal and Irish myth and legend researcher is in Grimerica for another episode recorded live at the Paradigm Symposium 2014 Minneapolis Minnesota, Oct 2-5 at The Women’s’ Club. Barry talks about his preliminary research with ancient sites and specific sound frequencies and vibrations that enable altered states of consciousness. They chat about coming together with other researchers at Paradigm and sharing ideas.

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Check out the Paradigm Symposium 2015. We will be there again!! Year 4


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